How our bamboo toilet paper is made

How our Bamboo Toilet Paper is Made

You know, a bamboo toilet paper processing plant is a lot like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, only with 100% more bamboo and 98% less chocolate (our workers like to snack during breaks, can’t blame them).

But have you ever wondered: how toilet paper is made? You should, really, given the fact that you’re using it every day (we hope you are anyway, otherwise you should go see a doctor).

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for, to provide you with all-knowing toilet paper knowledge straight from the mouth of the panda.

First, we harvest

So, how is bamboo toilet paper made? We’ll start from the beginning, obviously.

Bamboo is harvested from our sustainable farms, where we cut the plant above the root – that way it grows back every year, unlike trees, which take much longer to recover. This means our growing process is much more sustainable than traditional methods.

The bamboo is then chopped into small pieces before being left to naturally ferment in huge piles for around two months.


Pulp up the jam

After the fermentation process, our brilliant bamboo is pulped into...pulp. Basically, the fibres are mashed up with some water and other all-natural ingredients to make it super soft.

We don’t, and won’t ever, use harsh chemicals to make our toilet paper, thank you very much.

This pulp is then pressed into paper reels, which are allowed to dry, because no one wants soggy loo roll, do they?

3-ply all the way

Three of these one-ply paper reels are loaded up to be bound together, ensuring silky softness and supple strength in every roll.

If we only used one paper reel, the loo roll would be super thin and literally nobody would buy it, so we use three to ensure there are no accidental breakages during use, no one wants that. And even though it’s super strong, it remains fully biodegradable and kind to the planet.

The tissue is then tightly wound onto our bamboo cores, then sliced into individual, panda-approved rolls of toilet tissue. Et voila! You have toilet paper.

Bamboo benefits

We ensure that each one of our rolls is quality controlled, as you’d expect from perfectionist pandas like ourselves.

Our toilet paper is biodegradable, fully flushable, and absolutely fine for the UK’s sewage systems. It’s tested rigorously so it matches the standard required, so don’t you worry.

Sustainable shipping

After our bamboo is rolled and filled with love and kindness, we package it up in our plastic-free paper packaging and load it onto crates to be shipped.

We only use boats and planes for transporting our bamboo goodness, by the way, because it’s much more efficient and better for the planet.

Speaking of better for the planet – we offset our entire production and delivery process through the World Land Trust. That means that for any unavoidable carbon emissions, we donate money to planting more trees and maintaining the rainforest, specifically the Khe Nuoc Trong rainforest in Vietnam.

We might not have a chocolate river or tiny orange guys pouring sugar everywhere, but our bamboo factory employees work SUPER hard to ensure that you’re getting top-quality toilet tissue every time you pick up a pack from the shops.

Team Cheeky Panda x


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