Ways to use your leftover pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is one of the best things about Halloween (apart from all the sweets and chocolate, of course - remember to use your Cheeky Panda essentials to clean up too!). When the pumpkins come out you know spooky season has really begun, but what do you do with all your pumpkins once Halloween is over?

If you’re sat here thinking ‘well, I just throw mine away’ you’re getting a telling off from Colin. Just kidding, we would never tell you off but what we will do is tell you all the things you can do with your leftover pumpkins to minimise waste -

Eat them

If any pumpkins made it out of the carving session alive, make sure to eat them! Pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup – the list goes on! Pumpkin is an incredibly versatile ingredient (high in Vitamin A too!) It’s perfect for both sweet and savoury dishes so get creative! Psst - don’t worry if you’re feeling a little but pumpkin’d out, you can always puree it and save it for another day. Need inspiration? Check out all of these pumpkin-based recipes 

Feed wildlife 

Did you know squirrels, rabbits and foxes all love pumpkin? With the winter months coming it's increasingly difficult for our furry friends out in the wild to source their food. So do them a favour and leave out your old pumpkin for them to have a nibble on.

Compost them 

Pumpkins will make a great addition to your compost pile. Remember to remove the seeds (unless you want to grow your own for next year) and break them up to help them decompose quickly.

Pass it along

Don’t want to deal with the pumpkins yourself? No worries! Take them along to a local animal sanctuary, farm or community garden for them to use as animal feed or compost material. Chickens, cows and pigs all love pumpkin too!

So, there you go, four easy ways to make the most of your leftover pumpkins. What do you do with yours?

Happy Halloween from The Cheeky Panda Team!


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