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The Cheek Panda has a whole list of Eco Friendly Bamboo products for your every day needs! All Cheeky Panda products are made from 100% Bamboo, with a Natural Formula : 99% Purified Water with Aloe Vera & Fruit Extract & 100% FSC Certified! Panda pure!

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How much Toilet Paper do I need? 

Well, it depends how much you go to the toilet, but we recommend 48 Rolls every 3 months for 3-4 people or 4 months for 1-2 people.

Is the Toilet Paper more expensive?

When you do the maths, we're only slightly premium to other well known Toilet Roll brands out there (we'll leave that to your imagination). A slight premium for a happier planet? Seems worth it to us!

Where does the Toilet Paper come from?

Our tissue is sourced in SE China, where an abundance of bamboo grows! Bamboo, which would normally go to waste, is harvested and made into our glorious products and then transported to the UK by ship - the whole process is Carbon Balanced!

Is the Toilet Paper suitable for septic tanks?

Yes, the Toilet Paper is suitable for septic tanks, it biodegrades very quickly!