Why is our toilet roll Vegan?

Vegans love us (and we love you too!) – that’s because
we were the first Vegan Society registered tissue in the UK, high five!

Does your tissue contain gelatine?

100% Vegan Friendly
Vegan Flat box tissues
100% cruelty free baby wipes

Cruelty Free, always!

We are also certified by Cruelty Free International – We perform absolutely no animal testing on any of our products, and does not endorse, request, or commission any animal testing on our behalf. For this reason, all our wipes are CCIC Leaping Bunny Programme approved.

Natural and Proud

We strive to be as natural as possible in our production. Our bamboo harvest is free from fertilisers and pesticides. Additionally, you won’t find any unnecessary fragrances, de-inking agents or BPA in our products.

Natural and Proud

We don’t just love Pandas

We love our planet, and everything that’s in it, that’s why we work with
our charity partner, The World Land Trust to support vital conservation work and habitat restoration.

For the past 4 years, we have sponsored conservation
work in the Khe Nuoc Trong, protecting lowland rainforest in the Annamite mountains of Central Vietnam. They often send us pictures of happy little monkeys enjoying their protected homes, it’s delightful.

 Above all else, Veganism means kindness. Kindness to animals, our world and to one another. We champion a kindness and when you shop cheeky panda, you shop for a better world!

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