From our Family to Yours

Our journey to brilliant bamboo loo roll and beyond began in early 2016 when co-founders Julie and Chris took a trip to South-East Asia and saw the amount of surplus bamboo going to waste.

“We’re not having that!”

they said in unison (probably). Utilising their entrepreneurial minds, they got to work and that is how The Cheeky Panda was born. Fast forward a few years and along came baby Leo – our head of quality control (he does a great job!).

We want to create a happy, healthy and sustainable world for Leo and for your family too – we plan on changing the world and want to have fun doing it!

Bamboo and Beyond

Today, we are a certified B Corp selling over 16 products in 25 countries worldwide!

From household to beauty and baby we have something for the whole family.

Our mission is to cut carbon, reduce plastic and save trees in our own cheeky way and you can learn more about this here

Giving Back

We proudly work with The World Land Trust and have done since 2017 – each year, we donate a portion of our revenue to offset our unavoidable carbon emissions.

Our donations, like many others, go towards vital conservation work, habitat restoration and reforestation through tree planting across the world.

The World Land Trust has been the perfect fit for us at PandaHQ because we never stop talking about saving trees! We do the talking, and they do the doing.

Charities like the World Land Trust help to keep our ecosystem thriving and protect some of the world’s most threatened habitats and species for future generations to enjoy.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new charity partner in 2023!

The Cheeky Panda started in our home, and now we invite you to the house of bamboo to discover how brilliant bamboo can be!

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Bamboo Kitchen Roll Bulk Box | 10 Rolls - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Kitchen Roll Bulk Box | 10 Rolls
Flat Bamboo Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes - The Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes
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Bamboo Bestseller Bundle - The Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Bestseller Bundle - The Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Bestseller Bundle
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