World Panda Day


Every year on March 16th, the world comes together to celebrate World Panda Day,  because who doesn't love Pandas! These gentle giants have become a symbol of conservation worldwide, but it hasn't always been easy being a Panda, and today, they are still at risk! 

Giant Pandas used to have habitats all across China, northern Vietnam and northern Myanmar, but today, the giant panda is found in just six mountain ranges in south-central China. Their diet consists of almost entirely bamboo, and they can eat up to 84 pounds of it per day (no wonder Colin never gets any work done, he's always eating!)

In fact, two-thirds of all pandas don’t live in their natural habitats at all, they now live in nature reserves due to the threat to their existence. The good news is, they are no longer considered endangered, but they are still threatened with only 1,800 existing in the wild today. The main threat to Pandas is habitat destruction and the development of things like roads, and railways that require forests to be cleared in order to make way for them. Sadly, they have also been subject to poaching.

In 1980 WWF became the first conservation organisation invited to work in China – and they’ve been working with the Chinese government to help protect giant pandas ever since! This includes helping to keep more panda habitat intact. WWF also works with local communities to help them take up livelihoods that don’t negatively impact on panda’s habitats – like bee keeping!

These efforts have resulted in Pandas moving from "endangered" to "vulnerable" on the IUCN Red List - a small win, but the fight isn't over yet! 

Photo Credit: WWF

Pandas play a crucial role in maintaining the biodiversity of their habitats - they help control bamboo growth meaning other species can also exist and thrive. Protecting pandas means safeguarding the entire ecosystem they inhabit, ensuring the survival of numerous other species! 

In addition to their ecological importance, pandas are very highly regarded in China (and globally!). They are considered  symbols of peace and friendship, and they generate a lot of tourism each year! 

Protection of Pandas is just one reason why we joined forces with WWF, we are proud to be partnering with a charity whose ethos aligns with our mission of creating a healthier and more sustainable future for all. 


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