Eco Anxiety: What is it and How to Prevent it

Eco-anxiety is a type of anxiety that is related to concerns about the environment and climate change.

With more information being spread about the impact of humans on our planet (which is a good thing), it is creating much more worry and concern (which is a bad thing).

We are here today to remind you that eco-anxiety is a real thing, and you aren’t alone! Perhaps you are worrying about whether you’re doing enough, or whether you’re doing right things, or whether the steps you’re taking are making a difference or not. Colin wanted us to pass on a very important message –

All progress is good progress!

If you are wondering what you can to help reduce eco anxiety, here are some tips:

  • Stay informed but try to limit consumption of negative news! Remember to balance out the bad stories with the good for example, did you know that this year over 1 billion people celebrated Earth Day in 190 countries urging politicians and businesses to invest in our planet!
  • Take action – no matter how big or small. Consider volunteering with a local environmental group, reducing your own carbon footprint by driving less or eating a more plant-based diet and supporting businesses that put sustainability at the top of their agenda – look out for businesses that are certified B Corp, that way you can be sure that you are supporting a business that is doing good in the world.
  • Practice self-care and don’t be too hard on yourself! Colin recommends spending more time in nature, exercising and meditation.
  • Connect with others who share your concerns. It helps to know you aren’t alone in feeling this way. Joining local environmental groups and social media forums can help you to find likeminded people.
  • Focus on solutions and spread the word. Learn about new technologies, products and practices that are being developed to address key environmental issues and share them with others. This will help you to feel more hopeful and empowered.

By taking action, connecting with others and spreading the word about leading a sustainable lifestyle, you can reduce feelings of eco-anxiety and make a positive impact to our planet.

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