Brand New Baby Nappies - Absorbency Test!

Hello there!

So, let's talk nappies, shall we? Not only do most nappies end up piling sky high at landfills (roughly 8 million a day, give or take), but most aren't actually very good at absorbing liquid. 

Well, not 'not very good', just not as good as ours, because ours are SUPER absorbent. And they're made of bamboo, so they're better for the planet because they're 2/3rds biodegradable. 

To prove it, we've taken our bamboo baby nappies and tested their absorbency against three other leading brands.

Not naming any names, but you can probably guess who they are if you thought REALLY hard. We used a green dyed liquid which made it look very scientific, didn't it?

Also, look at those floating hands. Took us ages to find a solid pair of floating hands, but we did it, all in the name of science. 

What makes these so 'new'?

Our brand new nappies come in larger packs, so you're getting more bamboo for your buck. 

Each nappy is made from bamboo and has been lovingly and rigorously tested by ourselves. Julie Chen, our CEO, is a mother herself, and knows what a good quality nappy needs. Not only that, but she knows that the planet doesn't need more excess plastic and synthetic materials, too. 

Our products are made from experience, from knowing that eco-friendly alternatives can be an accessible option for everyone, from having children who will be our future and teaching them that being more sustainable can be simple, and will have a huge impact on our lovely planet. 

Got a question for us about our new nappies, or anything else? Don't be afraid to email us.


Team Cheeky Panda x

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