What scares us? - Halloween Special!


Oops, didn’t mean to shout. It’s almost Halloween, and we’ve been yelling 'BOO!’ at everyone in the office because we’re technically allowed to – normally it’s frowned upon, but during the spooky season, it’s fair game. It’s usually preceded by a ‘BAM’, but this time of year, we can drop that part.

On October 31st, the spookiest event of the year happens - no, not Halloween, COP26! Just kidding, it's not spooky, but it IS important. 

Here at The Creepy Panda, things like goblins and ghouls don’t scare us very much. We know they’re not real, and have you seen the size of the real-life Colin the Panda? He’s over 6 feet tall, there aren’t any spooky souls getting past him, so we park him at the front door of the office in case any of them try to sneak their way in. If they do, they’ll be met with a mighty THWAP of a bamboo stick.

But we’ve found some things that are scary to us. And to tie in with COP26, they’re all to do with the Earth and climate.

Simply the mere mention of these sends shivers down our panda spines… 

Creepy Climate Change 

Monsters might not exist, but you know what does? Climate change (no matter what anyone tells you).

It’s fairly obvious to see that the world is getting warmer, and it’s fairly easy to see that humans are the reason for that change. Using oil, gas and coal for our homes and factories has caused carbon to be released in the atmosphere and increased the temperature of our lovely planet. Just to put it in simple terms. 

We honestly don’t know what’s scarier – the actual changing of the climate, or the people who deny it’s happening.

Deathly Deforestation

Cutting down trees is VERY frightening. Why would you? Look at them, they’re glorious and green and provide us with shade. Stop chopping them down to wipe your bums with. Use bamboo instead, ok?

The reason why it’s so scary is because trees are a valuable part of the ecosystem, cutting them down releases more carbon. Plus, our animal buddies need them for their homes.

If that doesn’t spook you into action, then we’re not sure what else to suggest. But don’t come running to us when something scary is chasing you through the woods and you have nothing to hide behind because all of the trees are gone.

Seriously don’t run to us, we don’t want what’s coming after you.

Petrifying Plastic Pollution

Single-use plastics are ruining our oceans & beaches, there’s no doubt about it, and it’s truly horrifying.

But it’s not just scary for us humans. Picture that you’re a dolphin for a sec, or a whale, fish, turtle, any kind of marine animal. Imagine going about your daily life when all of sudden you’re tangled in a net, or you accidentally eat a bit of plastic, or you’ve been unknowingly consuming microplastics and now they’re inside of you forever. 

That last one is actually true for us humans too, which is pretty terrifying in its own right.

So, these are a few things that scare us, but it’s not all doom and gloom. We’re working hard to try and help reverse the effects of these devastating things by supporting causes which help and doing our bit by using bamboo for home essentials.

COP26 happens just after Halloween this year, so we encourage you to keep up with what happens and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion!

Plus, climate change hasn’t felt the full force of Colin the Panda just yet, so really IT should be the one who’s scared…

Team Cheeky Panda x

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