5 Easy Bathroom Swaps for a Plastic-free New Year


New Year, new me, right? We all make New Year's resolutions, and we all know we won't really keep them. But what if you could make smaller changes, instead? Changes that really stick by, say, trying to get rid of bad plastic bit by bit, or room by room?

Making small tweaks to your day-to-day lifestyle not only feel less daunting, but is actually great fun, too! There's lots to discover in the world of eco-friendly swaps, and they'll also make you feel good about saving plastic and doing something important for the planet.

We've made a small list of our top 5 best and easiest bathroom swaps that will not only make your life easier, but also help the environment!

1. Safety Razor 

This first swap seems daunting at first, but don’t worry! Safety razors made from stainless steel or with a mix of wood are not only elegant and pretty, but they do their job amazingly well while being super good for the environment, too. Fiddling with the razor blades may creep you out a bit at first (and yes, you’d have to be careful!) but they’re much cheaper than buying new razors and chugging them – along with all the plastic - in the rubbish every few weeks.  

2. Toilet paper 

I mean, you knew we’d mention it at some point, didn’t you? Most toilet paper is naturally made from paper. Some are made from traditional tree pulp, and approximately 27 000 trees are cut down every day for the paper tissue industry. Most toilet paper also comes in plastic wrapping to keep the rolls snug and together, but that’s additional plastic clogging our landfills and polluting our environment. The Cheeky Panda toilet paper is neither made from trees, nor does it use plastic wrapping! It’s a more sustainable alternative to keep your panda bum clean, and you’re even helping us rebuild the rainforests with the World Land Trust.  
Also, if the sofa (or your bed, let's be honest) is too comfortable – we’re delivering bulk boxes right to your door! Check out our range here.

3. Soap and Shampoo bars

Did you know your shower is filled with plastic? There’s one bottle for shampoo. Another for conditioner. One shower gel, which may even contain micro plastic beads. Maybe a bottle with wonderful bath soap. And every family member has their very own set.  

So. Much. Plastic. 

But lo’ and behold, there’s something you can do! Loads of brands are slowly changing their packaging to eco-friendly alternatives, and new ones are coming up with zero-waste packaging every day! Shampoo bars are a great alternative, and very handy for on the go. Additionally, you can use your own old glass jars and bottles and fill them up at your local zero-waste shop. Faith In Nature has a great range of various products that you can also order online (this writer panda has tried and tested them, and never been happier with their lush fur). 

4. Reusable
 pads and Make-up wipes 

Whether you use them to wash off your make-up or clean your face – cotton pads are super versatile. Sadly, the cotton can have residues from pesticides in them, and, like many toilet paper brands, is usually wrapped in plastic. They also contribute to all the waste filling our landfills and sometimes fail to completely decompose. Worse even, they can land in our rivers and oceans, where they will cause harm to the eco-system and our little (or big!) fishies. Similarly, make-up wipes often contain tiny plastic fibres and come in plastic packaging that is not recyclable, again contributing to the same problems. 
But there are alternatives! For cotton pads, you can get some super soft reusable pads in organic or zero waste shops – or even online! They are super easy to clean – just throw them in the washing machine, let them dry, and tada! Ready for wiping another fun night out off your face.  

If you’ve got a hard time swapping from conventional wipes or very sensitive skin, you can try our brand-new make-up remover wipes: they’re made from bamboo, like all of our products, and they contain no plastic fibres. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable plastic (we’re still working out how to wrap our moist products in zero-waste alternatives – please panda-bear with us!). They come in two delicious fragrances (rose and coconut) or completely fragrance-free. Find out more about our make-up wipes here. 

5. Soap bars 

Remember all the wonderful fragrances wafting from Grandma’s cupboard, where she’ll stock up on soap bars? Maybe she was on to something, because soap bars are a perfect zero-waste alternative to all the plastic bottles (and the plastic pumps) regularly used as hand wash.  

And the best thing? They are easy to find! Most stores still stock soap bars, so you can have some fun discovering all the different fragrances (but, you know, maybe don’t stick your panda nose in every pack. We would.)  

Bonus: menstrual cups and period underwear 

Roughly half of the population menstruates or will menstruate for several days each month. Every month. That’s a lot of tampons or sanitary pads landing in our rubbish bins (and we don’t want to see any in our toilets, messing up our poor sewage system!). Over the past years, new methods have reached the marketsuch as menstrual cups, which are a reusable alternative to tampons, and period underwear for those who tend to prefer pads.  

They’re easy to find – most Superdrug’s and Boots will at least have menstrual cups for you to have a look at – and they’re a great alternative for all those who menstruate and want to make a difference for the environment. 

Do you have any eco-friendly swaps we have missed? Let us know in the comments! 

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