5 Zero-waste Christmas Decoration Ideas

5 Zero-waste Christmas Decoration Ideas 

Decorations. We all love them. We probably all have that one box full of Christmas ornaments hidden away on the attic, many of them all tangled up, and we still can't help ourselves getting a handful of new ornaments once the Christmas season kicks in and the shops are full with glittering stars, baubles and wonderful snow-coated logs. But loads of decorations come in plastic bags, or at least with those pesky tags, even if it's just a handful of gold-lacquered pinecones. Obviously, all this plastic is bad for the environment, so here at The Cheeky Panda, we thought hard about how we can make this Christmas a bit more sustainable without having to miss out on all those pretty stars, ornaments, or even a Christmas tree! And luckily, our team had a lot of amazing ideas... 

Here's a list of our favourites that will help make your Christmas decoration eco-friendly and more sustainable! 


1. Use what Nature gives you 

 What’s better than a wonderful walk in the park… and doing a little Christmas decorations shopping spree at the same time 

Late Autumn is a great time to gear up on your Christmas decoration: leaves, pinecones, fruits and herbs, logs, rocks – anything you can find! You can bind some twigs into the shape of a star, or make Christmas ornaments from pinecones – your imagination is the limit! 

You can even make more out of it by adding twine, paint or eco-friendly biodegradable glitter – anything goes! Why not make a DIY-session with the little ones?  

Why spend a couple of pounds for overpriced pinecones that come with a plastic tag – when you can get them for free? 


2. Use recycled materials

There’s so much you can do with recycled materials or anything you have at home – left over twine and cardboard makes a great base for Christmas cards. You can add leaves and paint if you like it more colourful. 


3. Second-hand decorations

There are over 9,000 charity shops in the UK and Republic of Ireland – and many of them will bring out their decoration during Christmas time! You can let your inner deco panda all out – all while doing it for a good cause.  


4. Use food to decorate!

Sounds easy enough – but oranges, star anise, cinnamon bark and even cookies can make your Christmas table look absolutely stunning, without missing out on the Christmas feel. And better yet: you can re-use the spices or treat yourself to a healthy snack whenever you feel like it, so no precious food goes to waste.  


5. DIY Christmas crackers  

Ever thought of making your Christmas crackers yourself? If you find yourself having too much time on your hands – or need to get the kids busy for a moment of peace – Christmas Crackers are an easy alternative that you can make from recyclable materials, most of which you can find already at home! Looking for easy instructions on how to make eco-friendly Christmas crackers yourself? See our guide here. 

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