Bamboo Facial Tissues - Sustainable, Eco Friendly & Plastic Free

3 products

    3 products
    Cube Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes - Cheeky Panda
    12 Cube Box of Tissues
    Flat Bamboo Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes - Cheeky Panda
    Flat Bamboo Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes
    Bamboo Pocket Tissues Box  | 96 Packs - Cheeky Panda
    Bamboo Pocket Tissues Box | 96 Packs
    Calling all eco-warriors! By now, you're probably aware that our planet desperately needs us to be more conscious of how we live, so are you ready to make a simple change today? The Cheeky Panda's Facial Tissues are here to make it easy for you. Gone is the hassle of buying tree-based tissues that don't make the grade in terms of sustainability – our bit of bamboo biz will help your nose and the planet!

    The Cheeky Panda's Facial Tissues were made specifically with your sensitive skin in mind; each tissue is silky-smooth and gentle, leaving you with a luxury feeling after every blow. And what's more? They're made from fast-growing, FSC approved Bamboo. That means each tissue produces 65.5% fewer carbon emissions than a standard tree-based tissue – hurray for climate friendly options!

    We already know it can be tricky finding facial tissues that are perfect if you have allergies or skin conditions, but fear not – ours are plant based and contain no harsh chemicals or plastic pieces, plus there's even less tissue dust floating around in your house too! Not only that but thanks to bamboo's anti-bacterial properties these are especially useful when battling coughs and flu - just remember to dispose in a bin properly afterwards: everyone wins!
    It’s never been easier to be kinder to Mother Earth while taking care of yourself - now it’s time for you to get cheeky and switch up your routine… Go on, treat your schnoz AND save the world one sneeze at a time!