Recycle Week 2022 - Recycling Myths

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From the 17th to the 23rd of October, we celebrate Recycling Week, with the theme this year being recycling myths. Our natural resources are limited, and we need to stop wasting them. Everything we use should be re-used and recycled and today we are going to tell you some top recycling myths to help more people to recycle more of the right things, more often!

Myth 1: Everything can be recycled only once

Wrong! In fact, many common household items can be recycled again and again. Glass and metals (including aluminium, you know the stuff that your coke cans are made from) can be recycled forever! Paper can be recycled around 5-7 times before the fibres get too degraded to be used again and plastics can be recycled once or twice. Always check the labels on your packaging and if it can be recycled, 

Myth 2: Plastic bags can go in my recycling bin

Wrong again! Whilst many plastic bags are now recyclable, they cannot go in your at home recycling bin. Don't worry though, just take them to your local supermarket and they will recycle them for you. Easy peasy.

Myth 3: I don't need to clean my containers before recycling them

This is a huge myth that prevents so many containers from being recycled each year. Make sure your bottles and other food and drinks packaging is completely empty and give them a quick rinse before recycling. This will help prevent other recyclables from becoming contaminated. You can use the leftover water from your washing up, or even stick the cans and jars in the dishwasher if there’s space (don’t put your cardboard packaging in there though, that would be silly).

Myth 4: You should crush your cans before recycling them

This a definite no no! At the recycling centre, materials will be separated into flat items, paper and card, and non-flat items like cans and bottles. It would cause havoc if your flat coke can ended up in the paper recycling area. Stomping on a can is satisfying, but have you ever tried stomping on a cereal box? It's just as fun so stop stomping on cans. Thank you.

Myth 5: Recycling is a waste of time, it all goes to landfill anyway

Not true! Your recycling makes a real difference. Recycling protects the environment and ensures materials are used again and again. We must work together with our councils to understand what our local recycling guidelines are. This way we can ensure we are recycling the right stuff, in the right way!

Don’t fall victim to these recycling myths. Do you know any great myth busters? Comment down below or Tweet us at @CheekyPandaHQ

1 comment

  • veganmonkey

    I knew some of these; was surprised about the not crushing your cans… I’ve been doing that for years! Well looks like recycling will be a bit less work from now on :)

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