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Here at The Cheeky Panda, we take our standards and certifications very seriously with everything from FSC to ISO 14001. But these mysterious codes… What do they mean?! Well, that’s what we’re here to explain, so you too become a certifications genius!

FSC certified bamboo forests:

A big one! The Forest Stewardship Council is a label which makes sure all our bamboo comes from sustainable forests. It has 4 key principles: zero deforestation, fair wages and work environments, supporting the transition from preservation to conservation and local community rights. All our products are FSC certified so you can rest at ease knowing that your products are only coming from the finest bamboo! *chef’s kiss*


B Corp: 

Wow we are proud of this one… A third-party certification for businesses that meet certain ethical and sustainable criteria. For brands to receive B Corp certification, they must take the B Impact Assessment which asks a range of questions across five impact areas which culminate in a score. These areas are – governance, workers, community, environment and customers. If you score 80+ then you are a certified B Corp company – our current score, as of being re-certified in 2022, is 87.2!

ISO14001 and ISO9001:

Hmmm. ISO – International Softness Organisation? Not quite (but if there was one, we’re sure we would be part of it!), it actually means International Organisation for Standardisation. ISO 9001 is a standard that all of our suppliers have making sure that all of the processes leading up to the creation of your bamboo beauties are correct, so you only get the best quality product. ISO 14001 is another that our suppliers have, which is all about environmental management systems, making sure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible!


Bamboo Certified Softness International? Again, not quite, although really, where are these soft certifications we could be getting? BCSI actually stands for Business Supply Chain Initiative and it audits all of our suppliers to ensure that working conditions for our employees is tip top! After all, we’re a company made up of people, and one very Cheeky Panda, Colin, and so for us to keep making our sustainable bamboo solutions our teams need to be looked after!

We then move on to our product certifications. These include The Vegan Trademark, from The Vegan Society, which ensures that all our products contain nothing that comes from animals! The Leaping Bunny which goes above and beyond normal animal testing laws and works towards Cruelty Free’s mission of ending animal testing globally!


There you have it! What all our codes mean! We hope this helps to decode and explain a little bit more about all we do for our products, people and planet!

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