Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Block Drains?


Well, does it? We’re asking you, seeing as you’ve hopefully recently bought some yourself and tried it out. Has your toilet blocked up yet?

Just kidding, we’re not asking you to provide us with evidence, because we don’t need it. We can give you the answer, and we will, in a handy summary right here in this blog post. Good job you found it, isn’t it? 

Does bamboo toilet paper block drains?

Fair question – you’re most likely used to buying paper-based toilet tissue, safe in the knowledge that you know that this doesn’t often block drains. This might mean you’re reluctant to shift your purchasing habits by making the switch. 

However, the good news is that bamboo toilet paper does not block drains and is totally safe for plumbing. It is compatible with all different types of sewage systems and drainage systems, so you can flush with that fact at the front of your mind instead of the worry.


Here’s why!

Bamboo toilet paper is 100% biodegradable, just like regular toilet tissue. This means that it will naturally start to decompose or ‘broken down’ by living organisms, leaving no trace that it was ever around in the first place – which means no impact on the planet, friends. We’re talking no pollution whatsoever. Nada. Nil. Zero.

As soon as you pull the chain or hit the little handle on your loo, the bamboo tissue is already starting to decompose. It won’t be long before it fully breaks down and biodegrades when it reaches the waste treatment plant.

No harm to marine life

This is all great news for our oceans and waterways, it means that marine life won’t be in danger of eating something they shouldn’t and that there will be no toxic chemical entering their habitat.  

Because bamboo toilet paper biodegrades almost immediately, none of it is left behind to cause any harm or get washed up on our beaches, unlike that pesky plastic none of us like…

Soft, but strong…

Our buddy bamboo is super soft, it has to be, because we know just how sensitive your behind is. Wouldn’t be nice if it was rough, like sandpaper or a hedgehog, would it?

However, that doesn’t mean it’s just going to fall apart in your hand like a delicate flower. Behind that silky exterior lies a naturally strong material, which is often why you guys think it will clog your toilet, you assume that the firmer bamboo material won’t squeeze down your loo. Well, you know what they say about assumptions…

It’s true that bamboo is super strong and tough, but in its toilet tissue form, the fibres have been broken down through fermentation and rolling, so become soft on skin and your toilet. Meaning no clogs! It’s the perfect combo of soft yet strong.

Bamboo toilet paper won’t block your drains!

Because bamboo toilet paper is naturally biodegradable, it starts to dissolve immediately after being flushed. Therefore, it is safe to flush and will not block your drains.

The force of the flush will help break up the toilet tissue too, ensuring that the tissue will easily fit down pipes and sewage systems. So, take that plumber off of speed dial, you won’t need it.

Obviously, that doesn’t mean you should start shoving reams and reams of bamboo tissue down your loo, that probably won’t do it any good. But used sensibly, there shouldn’t be a problem at all. 

Try to prove us wrong…

Don’t believe us? Fine.

But if you’d like to try it for yourself just to confirm our claims, here’s what to do.

Take a couple of sheets of bamboo toilet paper and put them in a bottle full of water. Close the lid and give it a good ol’ shake, you’ll see the toilet paper disintegrate before your very eyes. That’s basically what happens in your toilet! So there you go.

Which loo roll isn’t great for your toilet?

It’s probably best to avoid ‘ultra-plush’ toilet paper (made of trees, by the way) because this can potentially cause damage to your drainage pipes. They’re the ones that are super thick and look a bit more like kitchen roll than toilet tissue.

These can have trouble when it comes to dissolving and decomposing in the toilet, so are best avoided especially if you have an older house or previous toilet issues.

Better sticking with bamboo toilet paper, eh?


  • Colin the Panda

    Hi Philip – you can find our products in store in Waitrose, Boots, Wholefoods and we are also on Ocado and Amazon (and you can purchase from our website too!)

  • Philip Carter

    Where can I buy it in store.

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