3 DIY eeek-o-friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween’s just around the corner, and with the great uncertainty of 2020, shopping around for Halloween decorations and scary costumes in boo-tiques might not be happening how you’ve imagined it… But behold! Trick and treat yourself, because we’ve compiled a few costumes that are easy to make at home and don’t require a lot of materials. Keep calm and pumpkin on!

We’re sorry, but these Halloween puns are just too eerie-sistible…


1. Colin, The Creepy Panda

Old but gold: the DIY ghost costume! This one is not only easy to make, but also super cheap and eco-friendly!

Just find an old bed sheet and put it over your little angel’s (or rather demon’s?) head. Mark the eyes and the mouth with a black sharpie, then remove the sheet again.

Cut out small holes for the eyes and the mouth. Don’t forget to trim the sheet to your kid’s height to avoid tumbling over and unwanted trips to the hospital! For some extra creepy-ness, sew the sheet below the arms to make sleeves. This will create a little cape, which you can now cut up to make it look old and scary. And voilà! There’s a ghost haunting your home! Absolutely fa-boo-lous!


2. The Curse of the (loo-) mummy

This one is a real classic, and we’re sure all of us have tried it out, whether it’s Halloween, or not!

For this chilling costume, all you need is toilet paper and some eco-friendly white tape. Wrap the paper tightly around your kid’s body, arms and limbs and tape the ends to your clothing below. Tip: add some fake blood (cornstarch and red food colouring makes great blood!) and let it dry for some extra gory-ness…
Your kid will love this easy costume and we’re sure you’ll be mummy of the year! (Get it?)

3. Attack of the Killer Panda 

This costume needs a few more things, but we promise, it’s worth it! For the base of the costume, you’ll need some black, grey or silver clothing, i.e. a turtleneck jumper and a pair of leggings.

For the case, all you need is a cardboard box (maybe from your last The Cheeky Panda bulk delivery?), some eco-friendly paint, and biodegradable glitter.
First, mark the size and the place for your robot’s arms and cut the box.
Paint the box in grey and silver. While the paint is still wet, add a drop of black in the corners and blend with the drying paint to give it that 3D metal look. Paint extras like buttons or lights (or, if you’re not the next Da Vinci or Van Gogh, just use stickers from the craft shop!). finally, add some glitter for some fabulousness – fairy robot, anyone?
For the perfect robot look, add a smaller box as a head and dryer ducting as arms. That’s it! Your little Robot Panda is ready to scare… The cat?

Delete! Delete!

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