The unmatched softness of The Cheeky Panda silky soft bamboo toilet rolls.

Now available in natural colour “unbleached”.

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Real Cheeky Feedback!


Good toilet paper

I buy bamboo toilet paper because I think it’s more ethical not because of the colour or anything like that!!

Ruth S
3 Nov 2023

Best bamboo toilet rolls

Love these toilet rolls.

Very strong, don’t crumble and tear like some others.

No plastic or excess paper wrap too.

Think they’re my favourite bamboo toilet tissue.

Cath M
14 Jan 2024

The best bamboo

I have tried several other ‘ natural bamboo’ toilets rolls and the cheeky panda is the most viable.

Soft, strong, economical and durable.

Catherine T
6 Sep 2023

The softest natural colour toilet paper in the world (probably)

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100% FSC-certified bamboo tissue

Our bamboo comes from sustainably-managed forests, as certified by the FSC.Don't worry, we don't steal foods from pandas - it’s a different type of bamboo from the one these gentle giants munch on, promise!

The Cheeky Panda has no chemical nasties, plant based natural ingredients and naturally hypoallergenic material and is vegan

We’re the first UK toilet paper registered with The Vegan Society - than means our products don’t contain any animal substances and isn't tested on animals.

B Corp

At The Cheeky Panda, we take our environmental and social commitments very seriously, and are extremely proud to be recognised and supported in our efforts by the B Corp certification.

450,000+ trees saved since 2017

That’s more than what it’d take to entirely cover Vatican City with trees!

Over 500 tons of plastic saved

That’s about 3 blue whales worth!

Our Supply Chain is proudly Carbon Balanced while protecting the rainforest and its inhabitants from deforestation!
Over 35,000 tons of carbon balanced

That’s the equivalent of driving to the moon and back 250 times!

Still prefer your toilet paper white?

Try our Silky Soft bamboo toilet rolls - they’re just as sustainable as our Natural Colour!

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