Panda Club

Loyalty & Reward Programme

What is Panda Club?

No, it’s not a club where you dress up as pandas and lounge around in trees all day. Nor is it a nightclub that specialises in bamboo themed cocktails, although both sound pretty great - watch this space! 

Panda Club is our loyalty programme we use to reward our customers.  

What are the Panda Club Tiers?  

All members get a birthday treat and access to Cheeky merchandise

Points win Panda Prizes

Here are some of the goodies you can redeem against your points

How to earn Panda Points



Simply create an account with us, you can do that here

There’s lots of ways to earn points, you can follow us on social, read an email, leave a review, refer a friend (they also get a benefit!) or simply place orders. If you enter your birthday on your profile, we’ll also send you a little Birthday treat ;-)

Take a look at our rewards page here for the full lowdown

You can use them the old fashioned way, to get a voucher to redeem on your order or use your points for Cheeky Panda hats, hoodies and more. 

Always wanted the iconic Cheeky Panda hat or hoodie, well this is the only way to get them! 

Panda Club members can also access private sales events and be eligible for potential invitations to Panda networking and social events - great for meeting other members of the club! 

It will happen automatically and you’ll be notified by email as soon as you’ve climbed the ranks! But from tier to tier it works like this 

  • To get the most points and benefits, subscribe! At any point if you use ‘subscribe and save’ you become the Giant Panda and instantly get  the highest level of rewards, we’ll also add your existing points to your pot 
  • If you’re a Panda Cub you can move up to the Baby Panda by spending £150 on the website  
  • The top tier for non-subscribers is Baby Panda, you can pick up points till your Panda heart is content and keep reaping the benefits! 

If you’re logged inyou’ll see your points in the top right header on the website, you can also see them here and on the rewards page here 

If you navigate to the rewards page all of your lovely treats are there. They’ll also pop up in your basket when they’re available to you.

You’ll be given a discount code when you redeem your points, simply add this to the checkout!

Don’t worry, get in touch with our customer service team and they can refresh your code.

Each 12 months your points reset, but don’t worry we’ll be in touch to let you know the deadline.

When you earn 500 pointsyou’ll get your first £5 voucher which can redeemed against any order on but can’t be used in conjunction with any other discounts. You’ll have the option to redeem your £5 off everytime you reach the threshold. 

You’ll receive an email to let you know you’ve been promoted. Your points are carried up to the next level and you can continue to earn more and redeem them for Panda prizes! 

Please let us know!

The only club you can be demoted from is the Giant Panda, this tier is subscription based so if you cancel your subscription you’ll become a Panda Cub, but you’llstill keepall of your points! 

We can only offer Panda Points for orders processed through, but we’re available in lots of great stores where they can also redeem points.

Make sure you’re logged in, then you can get your unique code for referrals on your Panda Club hub (

Make sure you’re logged in then simply add a review from a product page. Scroll to the reviews section and you can add a review at the top of the section.

Of course they can!