Bulk Bamboo Straws Box


100% FSC Approved Bamboo Straws
Plastic-Free - with packaging made from recyclable cardboard, and straws made from fast-growing bamboo!
Super Strong - Unlike most paper straws, ours won't break down after getting wet!
Kind to Animals - Certified vegan friendly and cruelty-free!


Bamboo Straw Sizing and Quantity

Bamboo Straws per pack: 250/100 (Depending on colour choice)
Av. Size of Straw: 200mm x 6mm
Av. Weight of pack: 102g/317g (Depending on colour choice)
Packs per Case: 48 (Multi)/24 (striped & single colour)


Disposal & Recycling

Packaging: 100% Recyclable Cardboard


Biodegradable Straw Ingredients

100% Virgin Bamboo Pulp