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Did you know The Cheeky Panda is a product of love and a passion for the planet? Well, now you do. Our co-founders, Julie and Chris, met in 2016 on a popular dating app (and no, it wasn’t tinder). They immediately connected through their passion for sustainability and eco-friendly living. Fast forward a few years and The Cheeky Panda was born (followed by their adorable baby Leo!).

 The Cheeky Panda was a product of wanting to create a better world, one where we don’t deplete finite resources and churn out plastic like there’s no tomorrow. Following a trip to South-East Asia, Chris and Julie saw first-hand how bamboo grows in abundance and how versatile it can be. The Cheeky Panda started off by selling bamboo toilet tissue and it was a hit, silky smooth and good for the planet – our customers loved it! A few years later and our product range now spans facial tissue, straws, nappies and a whole range of wipes – all made with bamboo, and most importantly, love!

This Valentine's Day we want to celebrate love, whether that be romantic, platonic or unconditional love for your cat who doesn’t really love you back. This Valentine’s Day we challenge you to do something special for someone important to you, but also make it sustainable! Here a few cheeky ideas to gift that special person in your life;

 The Cheeky Panda Rose Scented Facial Wipes

Nothing quite says love more than facial wipes.. okay maybe not, but they are practical and good for the planet. This year we are all about being economical. Forget buying roses that will die within a week, just stock your loved one up with 6 months worth of Rose Scented Facial Wipes - the gift that keeps on giving. To buy, click here!

A Romantic Getaway

As well as being economical, we are championing less waste this year! No more candles and cuddly toys, instead gift an experience something you can enjoy and cherish together because memories last a lifetime. P.S. If you refer a friend to The Cheeky Panda this February, you’ll automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a romantic getaway for 2, to learn more click here

A Home Cooked Meal

Sign up to the likes of Oddbox and Wonky to receive some non-conventionally attractive fruit and veg that would have otherwise gone to waste. You can then use the ugly veg to create a beautiful dish for somebody special in your life. Much more rewarding, sentimental and economical than eating out!


If you say you don’t like chocolate, you’re lying. We all love chocolate, and it makes the perfect gift, but not all chocolate is made fairly. The chocolate industry has been under scrutiny in recent years for its unsustainable practices, but don’t worry we know of a few brilliant B Corp brands that ensure sustainability and social impact are at the top of the agenda. Brands such as Divine, Raw Chocolate Company and Fellow Creatures make delicious gifts that don’t cost the earth.


Flowers are a great way to show your love and appreciation for someone, but did you know many the flowers sold in the UK are shipped in from overseas and most still come wrapped in single use plastic. Don’t worry, we’ve done our research, so you don’t have to. Arena Flowers, Appleyard Flowers, and Freddie’s Flowers all offer locally sourced flowers in plastic free packaging. There’s nothing more beautiful than that. 

So that’s our Love Story and now it’s your turn, take part in our LOVESTORY competition to let us know who you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with and why are they special to you. 



  • Claire Milne

    I spent valentines with my boyfriend who cooked a meal for me and decorated the house with candles and roses. He’s special to me because he’s so generous and caring.♥️😊

  • Dawn

    I will be spending Valentines with my husband and children, at home. They all mean the world to me and just make every day special.

  • Dawn

    We had a nice home cooked meal, with some music from our wedding playing in the background. It was lovely.

  • Zibby Ferguson

    I will be enjoying a home cooked meal with my husband 💎♥️

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