Second Hand September


Second Hand September is a campaign led by Oxfam to raise awareness about overconsumption and the many benefits of shopping second hand!

We live in a world where it has never been easier to buy something, at the tap of a finger we can buy new clothes, gadgets and even a car, but this way of living isn’t sustainable, not for our planet, or our pockets either! So today, we want to highlight the benefits of shopping second hand and why it is important to think twice before you buy!

The Environmental Impact

Shopping second-hand has a significant positive impact on the environment. The fast fashion industry has an enormous environmental footprint, with thousands of tonnes clothing ending up in landfills each year. Second Hand September encourages us to give existing pieces of clothing a second life, and in turn we reduce the demand for new ones! Buying second hand clothing results in reduced water usage, and decreased carbon emissions (or you could be like Colin and wear no clothes at all…)


Money, Money, Money

We are all looking for ways to save a little bit of money, because let’s face it, life these days is EXPENSIVE. Buying second-hand items is often more budget-friendly than purchasing brand new! Second hand sites like eBay, Vinted and Facebook Marketplace are great for finding items such as a clothing and furniture at a fraction of the RRP price. Plus, the money saved can be used for something exciting, like a holiday!


How to Participate in Second Hand September

  • Shop Second-Hand: Explore your local charity shops, car boot sales and online platforms to find any items you might need in September (and beyond!)
  • Quality Over Quantity: We get it, some things you just want to buy new (I mean who wants second hand socks? Certainly not us!) When you are buying new items, choose quality over quantity! That way, they will last you way longer and will reduce the number of times per you need to buy new things.
  • Don't Limit Yourself: Second-hand shopping isn't limited to clothing! From electronic goods to books and furniture, you can buy it all second hand.

One of the most powerful ways to support Second Hand September is by spreading the word. Use the hashtag #SecondHandSeptember to connect with others taking part in these challenges, and hopefully inspire others to join the movement!

Second Hand September helps to support a change in lifestyle to more sustainable and mindful consumption. By participating in this initiative, we not only reduce our environmental impact but make conscious shopping the norm!

Are you taking part in Second Hand September? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Loretta McDonald


  • Alexis Walker

    I’ve purchased 3 brand new furniture items in my life and was horrified by how much packaging it came in. Never again! I love second hand, marketplace is my friend

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