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Your favourite series is back (okay maybe our favourite series..) and today we are speaking with our Brand and Retail Marketing Manager, Paul. Paul truly is an expert when it comes to all things Marketing, so we picked his brains about what it takes to become a modern marketeer and a bit more about his role here at PandaHQ. 

Tell us about your role at The Cheeky Panda 

I am the Brand & Retail Marketing Manager, I ensure that the brand puts it’s best foot forward and help to keep our FSC 100% Sustainable Bamboo products in the mind of consumers and buyers across both retail, trade and wholesale in both the UK and further afield. I also like to keep the team well fed by keeping the snack table stocked with a range of healthy and great tasting vegan treats.  

 What is your proudest achievement to date?

Delivering a great looking stand at the NOPEx Show 2023 has to be a standout moment at The Cheeky Panda, but also working to get our plastic free Bamboo Facial Wipes coverage in over 65 different magazines and newspapers; there are just too many! Outside of work I would have to go with becoming a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (Oh… and getting married to my Husband). 

 What advice would you give to anybody looking to get into marketing

People think that Marketing is just colouring in, it’s not. Modern marketing is becoming very data driven and a passion for understanding the reasons behind consumer/market changes is key to getting ahead in marketing. Also, when colouring in make sure to stay inside of the lines. 

 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given 

Learn from failure can be more useful than accepting success. I have been able to learn more for something not going right or as planned than I have from when a project has been successful. 

What is your favourite Cheeky Panda product and why? 

Well, Im going to have to go with our fantastic FSC 100% Sustainable Toilet Roll, it’s a classic for a reason! 

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