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Our BTS series continues! We love featuring our Pandas who work hard behind the scenes to make sure you have a plentiful supply of bamboo goodness. On todays blog, we will be catching up with our Sustainability Executive, Eleanor. 

Tell us a bit about your role at The Cheeky Panda 

I joined The Cheeky Panda almost 2 years ago now as the Sustainability Executive. It is my job to make sure we operate in the most sustainable way possible, we challenge the norm and ensure regulatory compliance. My responsibilities include overseeing the B Corp process, keeping on top of all our certifications and audits, communicating with our suppliers about our sustainability expectations, our carbon reporting and offsetting and supporting with communicating all our wonderful sustainable achievements to our customers (to name a few!). 

Why does your role as Sustainability Executive matter? 

To be a sustainable business, it is so important to have somebody within the team who is dedicated to sustainable growth, it's crucial role in shaping the company's strategy, brand reputation, and impact on the environment and society. Sustainability is a key driver of innovation. It leads to the development of more efficient processes and products which we have evidenced over the past few years! We are always evolving and learning, and there is a lot of trial and error - one of my favourite examples of this is when we changed the inner cores of our toilet and kitchens rolls to bamboo. We thought this was a great idea as it helped to utilise bamboo offcuts, however, after speaking with recycling facilities we learned that actually it is a much harder material to recycle, and opting for a cardboard core is actually the more sustainable option, so we switched back! The world of sustainability is constantly evolving and keeping us all on our toes, there's never a dull day that's for sure! 

 What's the best part about working for The Cheeky Panda? 

I have a few, but definitely the people. I feel lucky to work with such an incredible group of people who are constantly evolving, changing and learning as the business continues to grow. Despite all working in different functions across the business we all come together to support one another and I think in a workplace, that is one of the best things you can ask for (including office snacks and diet coke). 

What's your favourite thing to do outside of work? 

Anyone who works with me knows I never stop talking about my dog! I'm the proud owner of a 9 year old Jack Russell called Rosie. When I'm not working I'm stomping around the parks of London with Rosie - her favourite is either Kensington Gardens or Battersea Park followed by a Puppuccino, of course. 

Stay turned for our next BTS Panda feature! Who should we speak to next, let us know in the comments below? 

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