Christmas Upcycling Tips and Tricks! By SecretYarnStash

A very merry blogmas to you, readers!

We've got a treat for you - instead of the usual musings by your regular writer (that's me!) we've sourced the help of an expert knitter to give you lot some tips and tricks on how to reuse and upcycle your Christmas Jumpers! Because writing is pretty much where this blog writer's skills end...

Take it away, SecretYarnStash!


The fashion industry has a huge environmental impact. It is estimated that £140m worth of clothing is sent to landfill in the UK each year (; fast fashion has meant that clothing flies in and out of wardrobes at lightning speed, but at a great cost.

You might not even realise how big an issue it is until you start to actually think about what's in your wardrobe, how often you clear it out, and the things you've only worn once.

Big changes are needed to reduce the impact on the environment - but the good news is, we can all make simple changes that can make a big difference!

How many times have you gone shopping in search of a new item of clothing to wear for a special occasion? When actually, you probably have everything you need already hanging up waiting to be found!

Switch out the colours

Colour trends change faster than the seasons, and so instead of purchasing the latest shade of burnt orange or slate grey, why not dye your own clothes?

There are plenty of non-toxic dyes on the market, and if you want to go all in with colour, why not try a tie-dye effect!

Detail can really make an outfit stand out; and the beauty of upcycling your own clothes, is that it's totally unique to you!

Here are some ways you could add detail to either bring an old piece of clothing to life, or make a whole new piece of clothing!


If you are handy with a needle and thread, then embroidery can be the perfect way to make things pretty again. Embroidered denim is something fun to try as most jeans are like a blank canvas...

Sew on/Iron on Patch

It's so easy to add details with patches these days even if you can't sew! The options on the market are pretty endless and can really transform your clothing - it's a bit like a tattoo for your clothes!

Edging and Belts

Whether you crochet a lace edge on the bottom of your t-shirt, or add a simple ribbon belt to a dress you've had for years - these touches can really add that special detail and make them truly unique.

Try some tinsel for a festive touch!

Repurpose old clothes

If your clothes no longer fit you can donate them to a charity shop for someone else to enjoy, or if they are really worn out then why not try finding a new purpose for them:

Tshirt yarn is really popular and can be used to make anything from slippers to storage baskets and pouffes. Here's a really easy to follow tutorial on how to make your own yarn which you can then use for knitting or crochet projects:

Re-using material

Baby clothes can make great toys (and a nice keepsake too!). Old scarves make for great cleaning rags. Small pieces can be used to make matching hair accessories (scrunchies and hairbands). There are so many ways to repurpose your old clothes!

Last year's Christmas Campaign for Save the Children saw Colin (Cheeky Panda's mascot) dressed in the most magnificent jumper made of lots of squares sent in by knitters and crocheters among Cheeky Panda's fans and customers. This year they’re reusing Colin’s jumper, rather than making a whole new one (which is much less work for me…).

Guest blog post by Louisa at SecretYarnStash!

You can find out all about this year's Christmas campaign in support of Save the Children here:

 For every picture Colin is tagged in on social media, we’ll donate £5!*

By pulling on our Christmassy knits & donating, we'll be transforming the future for children. Every pound we raise will help kids in the UK & around the world get the basics they need to laugh, play & see the magic all around them again!

Just £20 could help a child sparkle in the classroom - paying for a back-to-school kit in Indonesia. For more information on Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day, please visit the STC website! 

* T&Cs: Post an image of Colin in his XXXXXXXL Xmas Jumper to social media (including stories) and tag @CheekyPanda to participate in our fundraiser. For each image posted and tagged, £5 will be donated to Save The Children's Christmas Jumper Day campaign. One donation per post, reshares not included. Promotional Period: 1st December 2021 09:00 AM to 20th December 2021 08:00 PM.

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