5 Green New Year's Resolutions

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Welcome back to the blog and a very happy 2023 to you all!

This is the perfect time to reset and rethink and what better way to start the year than with some green new year's resolutions. We’ve handpicked our top 5 resolutions to share with you so read on for inspiration so you can kick off 2023 as a more sustainable global citizen!

Shop second hand

Shopping second hand has never been so easy! Online marketplaces such as Vinted and eBay mean we can browse hundreds of products at the tap of a finger. Charity shops such as Oxfam and The British Red Cross also have a wider range of items from clothes to books and even items for your home. A pre-loved item is just a little bit more special if you ask us. You help to raise money for a good cause, and they also tend to be cheaper. Also, if you visit charity shops in more affluent areas you can find more expensive items and brands for a significant discount and a warm glow from knowing that you are doing something to help break the cycle of fast fashion!

So, this year, why don’t you challenge yourself to check out second-hand shops and marketplaces first to see if you can find what you are after. If you do feel like treating yourself to the occasional new item, remember this mantra - Buy less, choose well and make it last!

Less single use plastic

According to the UN, about 11 million tonnes of plastic waste flows into the ocean each year. This year, your new year's resolutions should include trying to reduce your plastic consumption by making eco-friendly choices! Whether it’s switching to shampoo bars, saying no to take out coffee cups or using plastic free toilet roll, this one should definitely be on your to-do list. Here’s a few of our sustainable favourites:

Go meat free

Livestock is responsible for around 15% of world emissions and adopting a plant-based diet is one of the easiest ways to reduce your impact on the environment - going plant -based can help to reduce your diet related carbon footprint by about 70% You can even start by just going plant based for 1 day of the week and take it from there. Switching up your diet and having a few more portions of fruit and veg could help our precious planet recover just a little. Have you considered taking part in Veganuary? It’s a great way to challenge yourself to trying a plant-based diet for a month! Want to find out more about going plant-based - check out https://viva.org.uk/lifestyle/going-vegan/veganism-101/

Walk, cycle or take public transport

Challenge yourself to leave the car parked at home a bit more often this year! rather than hopping in your car to pop to the shops, give your legs a well-deserved stretch and have a walk or cycle (providing it is safe to do so!). Not only is walking better for the environment, but better for your mental and physical health too – perfect for your new year’s health kick! You could also challenge yourself to take public transport more often, you’ll be surprised how stress free and relaxing a train ride can be, you just sit back and relax and everybody else does all the hard work, sounds good doesn’t it…

 Switch to The Cheeky Panda!

We have sustainable products for the whole family. From our baby wipes to toilet tissue and plastic free straws. There is something for everyone. By switching to The Cheeky Panda, you can not only reduce your plastic consumption, but your carbon footprint too! We are a small, independent business trying to save the world and have fun doing it! We are a certified B Corp meaning we balance profit and purpose and give as much back to the world as we take. This is one of the easiest swaps you can make to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. We just love to make things easy for you. Browse our entire range here.

Small changes can have big impacts, so if you can’t make a big change starting small is the perfect place to begin. Have you made any other green resolutions that we haven’t mentioned here? How about offsetting your travel, not flying all together, saving water, recycling more – the possibilities are endless! Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Team Cheeky Panda


1 comment

  • Christine Worthy

    I am going to make a move back to loose tea this year, but while still using teabags, I am saving the leaves to top dress all my ericaceous plants in the garden. I have a little pot to put all the soggy bags into, then, whenever the oven is on, I put them on a metal cooling tray on the bottom shelf or floor of the oven and leave them until dry. Next I tear open the teabag and shake the leaves into a nice decorative pot which sits on my kitchen window sill until full. Then I just need a bit of winter sunshine to tempt me out into the garden !!
    PS I live in Lydney – the home of the world’s largest producer of teabags – Comptons. I am wondering if I should engage with the issue of plastic in teabags? I can’t see why they can’t be paper only.

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