Earth, Ocean & People Update: July 2021

Oh hi!

Fancy seeing you here. Have you come for an Earth, Ocean & People update? Lucky you, you’ve found it. Congrats on your excellent mouse-clicking skills.

It’s been a while since we updated you on what we’ve been up to in the name of our three fave charities, so here’s a quick run-through to get you up to speed. 


To celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th June, Team Earth strolled to success all in the name of saving trees. 

Taking part in a half-marathon walk to raise money for World Land Trust, they managed to cover 21km across London in the respectable time of 4 hours and 24 minutes!

That’s approximately 27,000 steps, which is around the same amount of trees used every day to make paper toilet tissue. Team Earth managed to raise an amazing £500 to help support the planting of new trees for WLT’s ‘Plant A Tree’ initiative. Meaning the team have managed to plant around 100 trees!

Team Earth were rewarded with a nice glass of prosecco and a tasty burger to replenish the calories they had burned. 

Keep your eyes peeled for some more challenges – Team Earth are itching to push themselves further for the sake of trees!

Team Ocean

Those nautical guys in Team Ocean have been supporting Whale and Dolphin conservation with a special, one-of-a-kind bamboo bundle. 

Head over to our website and you’ll find a super special Bamboo Baby Bundle, with part of the money from each one sold going to WDC!

Each bundle contains nappies and a pack of eco-friendly baby wipes – all you need for your bounding bundle of dribbling joy.

Team Ocean are also planning on putting together a HUGE beach clean, so stay tuned for that! (They tried to do it at the Thames but the tide was too far in…).

Team People

Listen up, people. There aren’t many teams better than Team People (the other two teams are equal).

Our wonderful group of toilet-twinners have been extra busy this month. First of all, they arranged an incredible ‘Design the World’s Best Toilet’ competition all in the name of raising awareness for Toilet Twinning.

The award was taken in amazing fashion by Wayfield Primary, who designed an incredible Techno Toilet worthy of any bum known to man.

Secondly, this people-powered squad cleaned up Cheeky Panda HQ of excess stock (there was a LOT, we almost lost Colin amongst a sea of loo roll at one point).

Any stock that could be given away was donated to local food banks and people who need it most. Great work, peeps. 

What next?

Earth, Ocean & People has been running for almost a year now, and we’ve received incredible support so far.

Not just from you lovely lot (our fans, customers, friends, family), but from brands and our charity partners, too. So thank you.

We want to continue to make the world a better place through this initiative. We’re making changes, they might be small, but hopefully they have a big impact.


Team Cheeky Panda x


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