B Corp Month - Our favourite B Corps

It’s B Corp month! And what is better than celebrating our 3 Bs – B Corp Brand Besties? 

There are a lot of great companies out there trying their very best to make this world a better place. A lot of those are part of the B Corp community, just like us, meaning that they’re going the extra mile to protect our environment and their employees.  
To celebrate B Corp and our community, we’ve made a little list with our favourite B Corp friends out there in the wild, wild (company) world. If you want to read up on what it stands for, you can find more information on our amazing blog entry dedicated to B Corp here. 
#1: Danone Yogurt 
We’ll start with something delicious - our buddies at Danone Yogurt! 

Danone Yogurt, whose brands include Actimel and Activia, became the first UK dairy company to achieve B Corp certification in 2017. They recently recertified with an improved score. This was due to great things like offering all employees unlimited volunteering time, and committing to making all packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. We salute you, Danone!  

Also, yogurt is the best. 

#2: Toast Ale 

Just like us, Toast Ale is the first in their industry to be a certified B Corp, putting the “B” into Beer. Since launching in 2016, one of Toast Ale’s core values has included environmental responsibility, driving to end food waste once and for all. They mainly do this by brewing craft beer using fresh surplus bread! Genius. On top of this, they’re donating their profits to charities, implementing flexible working opportunities for their employees and even offer paid volunteering days!  

We’re raising our next beer glass to Toast Ale for their amazing work. Cheers! 

#3: Little Soap Company 
As a trademark core value of B Corp companies, Little Soap Company values the planet and the people over profit.  

The eco-friendly company from the heart of the Cotswold Hills produces organic soaps and skincare products that are 100% vegan, absolutely cruelty free, with only natural ingredients and sustainable palm oil! They’re super passionate about making sure their products have as little impact on the environment as possible, so all their packaging is sustainably sourced!  

 #4: Freestar Beer
What do we want? More beer! But this time, alcohol-free, please. 
Our friends at Freestar are World Beer Award winners and passionate about creating a better booze-free beer that’s better for the planet. 

This B(eer)-Corp emits an incredible 90% less CO2 than industry average, 80% less water, 80% less energy and creates 70% less waste. Phew.  

Plus, it’s delicious. Win-win (win, win.) 

#5: Callaly 
Revolutionise your period!  

If you’re a person who menstruates, you’re very aware of how much waste your cycle produces. Callaly wants to reinvent period productsso they’re not only better for you, but also better for the world!  

This brilliant B Corp came up with the Tampliner – half tampon, half liner hybrid - which reduces the additional waste arising from the often-needed combination of a tampon and a liner. All products are made from organic cotton, and their packaging is recyclable and biodegradable. In 2018/2019, Callaly also donated 5% of their sales to non-profit organisations, vowing to donate a minimum of 1% every year. On top of that, everyone working for Callaly spends 3% of their time for charities.   

Keep up the awesome work, guys <3  

That’s it, our list of our 5 favourite B Corps. You want to know more? Head over to B Corps official website and search through our great community. And if you want to try out this cheeky little company, you’ll find our products here. 

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