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Reach your ESG and Net Zero Targets with The Cheeky Panda

Why we are the solution

Reducing carbon emissions is a key goal for countries at COP26 as it’s one of the biggest contributors to climate change. The race to Net Zero is a hard-fought, big one. With the UK aiming to achieve this goal by 2050.

Reduce Carbon

By using bamboo, we produce 65% less emissions than conventional tissue. Any carbon we do emit through our process of creating and shipping our products is then offset via the World Land Trust. This basically means that anything we put out, we put back in again via donations which help protect and develop the rainforest, otherwise known as one of the ‘lungs of the Earth’ because of its oxygen-rich ecosystem.

To date, we’ve saved 32,500 tons of carbon. By 2025, we’re aiming to save 330,000 tons.

Save trees

Forests and trees help to stores carbon by capturing it from the atmosphere using photosynthesis. The carbon is absorbed and released by the trees as oxygen – trees absorb around a third of all carbon emissions worldwide.

Every day, 1 million trees are cut down to produce things like toilet paper.

That’s why we use bamboo – it’s regenerative, so we slice it above the root so it can grow back again and again.

To date, we’ve saved 250,000 trees. By 2025, we aim to have saved 3.2 million.

Reducing plastic

Alongside forests, the ocean is the other ‘lung of the Earth’ – phytoplankton (tiny lil green guys that float about the sea) provide us with around 50% of the oxygen we breathe, which is mad when you think about it. Thank you, lil green guys.

However, our oceans, rivers and other waterways are being polluted by single-use plastics. Since the 1950s, over 198 million tons of plastic have been dumped in the ocean.

Our products are microplastic free. Packaging for our tissue products are made from recycled cardboard. Packaging for our wipes are reyclable and we plan to use 30% recycled content in our wipes by end of 2023.

By reducing our collective plastic use, we can have a direct, positive effect on lowering carbon emissions and plastic pollution.

We provide Carbon, Trees and Plastic Saving Data to help your organisation with ESG reporting

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