Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week is an environmental campaign to reduce landfill waste, and takes place annually during the first full week in September - this global initiative encourages individuals, businesses, and communities to minimise their waste and make more sustainable choices! 

So, what is Zero Waste Week?

Zero Waste Week is a dedicated time to raise awareness about the environmental impact of waste generation and challenge ourselves to reduce our waste footprint. The goal is to send as little waste as possible to landfills by focusing on waste prevention, recycling, and composting instead! 

But why Does Zero Waste Matter?

Zero Waste is important for so many reasons. Waste contributes to pollution, habitat destruction, and greenhouse gas emissions (to name a few!). By reducing waste, we can help to conserve resources and protect our wonderful planet for future generations. Participating in Zero Waste Week helps you to challenge yourself to adopt more sustainable practices, and inspires others to do the same!

How can I participate in Zero Waste Week?

First step, assess your waste: Take a close look at the waste you create, this will probably surprise you and it can be a scary reality check! See what types of items you consistently throw away and identify areas where you can make the most impact. Maybe you are constantly throwing away shampoo bottles, could you try switching to a zero waste shampoo bar instead? Do you LOVE your morning coffee from your local cafe? could you take your own reusable cup next time and save the take out cup? (you'll probably get a small discount too!). 

Reduce single-use plastics: Swap out other disposable items for reusable alternatives: water bottles, utensils, shopping bags, and food containers - it's handy to carry items like these around with you on days so you aren't tempted to pick up single use items. 

Mindful shopping: During this week, try to choose products with minimal packaging. Another good tip is to buy in bulk, or from zero waste stores where you can fill up your own containers with products such as rice, pasta, lentils, shower gel and shampoo to name a few!

Up for a challenge? We thought so! 

  1. The Plastic-Free Challenge: Commit to avoiding single-use plastics for the week. Document your journey and share tips with others.
  2. The Food Waste Challenge: Keep track of your food waste and find creative ways to use leftovers. Challenge yourself to create meals from what's in your fridge.
  3. The Declutter Challenge: Go through your belongings and declutter, donating items you no longer need. This reduces waste by preventing unnecessary purchases.


Will you be taking part in zero waste week and have any great tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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