We are live on the recycling app, Scrapp, hurray!

A big hello there to our loyal eco-conscious crew, today we are talking about all things recycling, sounds complicated right? Well its not anymore and let us tell you why..

We get that recycling can be tricky at times, with over 30 (yes, 30!!) different recycling labels for products, and with different councils having different recycling policies for certain materials, it can be hard to stay on top of being green. That’s why we are so excited to let you know that all our lovely products can now be found on the recycling mobile app, Scrapp, to make recycling your cheeky packaging even easier – lets have a round of a-paw’s shall we?

“What is Scrapp and how does it work we hear you cry”

Scrapp is a totally free mobile app that can be downloaded to your smartphone, with a few taps of your paws you can scan the barcode of loo rolls and wipes galore to see how you can recycle the packaging locally, making YOU a recycling superhero. Scrapp will also automatically save your local recycling rules to give you the most up to date guidance – that means more time to do the things you love, like long walks on the beach, and less time worrying about where your loo roll packaging needs to go.

Here at The Cheeky Panda we understand that recycling can be complicated, especially when it comes to plastic packaging. Whilst we work hard behind the scenes to make progress towards removing plastic from our product range, Scrapp are here to make it that little bit easier for us all to do our bit for our lovely planet.

We’ve been recycling for years now, surely we’d be all experts by now right? According to the 2021 Recycling Statistics (Recycling Statistics for 2021 - Recycling Bins):

  • 55% of British households still place items that could be recycled, such as foil and plastic bottles, into their general rubbish bins. 
  • On average, UK households dispose of 6.1 items incorrectly when sorting household waste. This includes putting non-recyclables into recycling bins and recyclables into rubbish bins.
  • Whilst three-quarters of households admit to checking recycling information on product packaging, research shows that up to 76% of people misunderstand what recycling labels mean.

If we all work together small actions can have a big impact. Download Scrapp here Scrapp Mobile App (scrapprecycling.com) and lets get recycling correctly!

With love,

Your favourite neighbourhood panda x

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