Tips for an Eco-Friendly Bonfire Night

At PandaHQ we LOVE this time of year, chunky jumpers, pumpkin spice everything and toffee apples that are impossible to eat, what’s not to love?

WELL, let us tell you. Bonfire night can be amazing – colourful fireworks and crackling bonfires but let’s remember to enjoy it responsibly whilst considering the environment, and our wonderful furry friends. So, here’s a few tips on how to have an eco-friendlier bonfire night. 


Whilst some of us love the bang hiss and pop of fireworks, not everyone does! Pets, livestock and wildlife can find these particularly scary (can you imagine if you heard an almighty bang and had no idea what it was?! Scary, right!). They can become frightened and unsettled by these unfamiliar sounds. To minimise the amount of noise, stress and disturbance, try to attend an organised firework display – this will reduce the amount of noise in a particular area, ensure the fireworks are used responsibly and it’s a cheaper option for you too (do you know how expensive fireworks are these days?!).

If you’re unable to attend an organised event but really want to get involved, try using eco-friendly alternatives – use wood-based sparklers rather than metal ones (and remember to dunk them in water after use!), look for silent fireworks that won’t scare local wildlife and ground-based options, like Catherine Wheels which don’t result in far flung debris.


We don’t want to be a party pooper, but the idea of burning anything isn’t great for the environment. Many use this night as an excuse to burn any old household waste in an attempt to get rid of it – but did you know it is illegal to burn most types of waste, treated wood, tyres, plastics, rubber and oil-based products – these can result in serious health impacts and pollute the environment. Check with your local council to see their recommendations and guidelines for bonfire night and to learn the dos and don’ts of bonfire building.

To enjoy a responsible bonfire, make sure to only use untreated wood and other garden waste, ensure it is monitored and managed by an adult at all times and when the fun is over, put the bonfire out using water or soil to prevent additional smoke and chemicals. P.S – ALWAYS check for little hedgehogs or other wildlife hiding inside of bonfires. A top tip from us is to put a barrier around the bonfire using chicken wire or similar to prevent any unwanted guests making themselves at home, for more information visit to learn more about how you can do your bit to keep wildlife safe.

Sky Lanterns

Don’t be fooled, these may look pretty on the outside but on the inside, they are EVIL (okay a bit dramatic but we got your attention). Did you know some parts of sky lanterns can take over a year to biodegrade! They pose a big risk to wildlife when they fall back to the ground. Animals are naturally curious beings, they will sniff, lick and even try to eat the debris on the ground. According to the RSPCA, animals can become tangled in the lanterns and ingest smaller parts which can cause serious damage. Instead of lanterns, use outdoor lights or candles – they are just as pretty (inside and out!).

So, there you go!! Our top tips for an eco-friendlier bonfire night – whether you celebrate or not, we hope you keep safe and warm!

With love,

The Cheeky Panda



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