The Cheeky Panda’s Christmas Jumper Day 2021!

Merry Blogmas! And a happy new… read?

Not sure on that one. Oh well, we’ll put it in the blog anyway.

If you’ve visited our social media pages recently, you’ll have noticed that we’ve been speaking about one thing: Christmas Jumpers.

That’s because we’ve been working with Save the Children once again to create magic and wonder while raising money for kids who need it most. Colin donned his XXXXXXXL Xmas Jumper once again to spread joy and sustainability across the land.  We told you about what we were going to do here. Did we do it? Yes, we did.

And while we did the thing we said we were going to do, we managed to raise and incredible £3,036 for Save the Children! Through donations, tagging Colin and buying our products during our Seven Days of Discounts campaign, we’ve managed to make the Christmases of children across the world better and full of joy.

How have we helped?

Good question, subtitle. 

The money we’ve raised will help children get the things they need most to support them as they grow up. Things like food, water, a place to sleep and things to help them learn and develop.

Click this link to read some amazing stories about what Save the Children do for kids across the world:

Colin’s walkabout

In the name of sustainability, we reused Colin’s enormous Xmas Jumper from last year, which was lovingly made by the hands of his knitting-loving fans.

We then took Colin out for a little winter walkabout, to give out some Pocket Tissues and Handy Wipes, snap some selfies and spread some joy in the streets of London!

Check out the video to see Colin strutting his sustainable stuff:


Out with the new…

…in with the old!

That’s how that saying goes, right?

Well, ours does anyway. We’ve been purveyor’s of reusing and recycling old Xmas jumpers this year, because it’s better for the planet.

So if you donned last year’s, upcycled an old one, bought from the charity shop or borrowed a friends (hopefully washed), then we commend you.

We’ll probably reuse Colin’s next year too, and the year after, and the year after that…

Happy Christmas!


Team Cheeky Panda x

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