The Cheeky Panda is helping Save the Children to bring back Play this summer!

Lockdown has been tough. We’ve all had to stay home, staring longingly out of our windows, watching the seasons turn (although you can’t tell which season it is in Britain most of the time anyway).

It’s been a difficult time – especially for children, who’ve had to stay inside as much as us adults. But did you know that playing is crucial for children to develop skills they’ll need mentally, socially and emotionally? As much as we’ve missed hanging out with our friends in the pub, children have missed out on important playtime.

Chances are, you probably remember back in the day when you’d play all day with your friends, only stopping for a quick drink and a snack before heading off again, running faster than you ever have.

But during the pandemic, all this came to a sudden stop. School? Only at home, at best with your siblings. Playdates? None. These opportunities to learn, grow, make friends – and simply feel good - have been taken away.

Children have missed out – big time. But to make up for all the lost playtime, we’re teaming up with Save The Children to bring play back this summer!

Creating Moments of Play 

Founded in 1919, Save the Children promotes the wellbeing of Children in over 100 countries, supporting our youngest by advocating for a better education, good food and crucial medicine for children all over the world.

This year, we’re supporting Save the Children’s Million Moments of Play campaign, which is all about bringing time to play back into our children’s lives.

By encouraging play this summer, we want to help children catch up both academically, mentally and most importantly, emotionally, in a way that supports their wellbeing. Million Moments of Play is about creative ideas, new adventures and that thrill of having a great time with your best friends.

What are we doing?

We want to raise awareness and bring back play into our children’s lives! Our cheeky panda Colin is eager to get out and play, and so are we.

We’re helping Save the Children raise awareness around the issue of missed playtime, and we’re encouraging everyone to create small, exciting moments which can help a child grow, develop, and simply be happy.

What can YOU do?

Apart from helping us to create these amazing moments of play, you can help us raise money for Save the Children!

We want to encourage you to be creative with your Cheeky Panda products: A castle made of toilet rolls? A costume made from kitchen paper? Or a sparkly tower sporting our amazing straws? The possibilities are endless!

Whatever playful thing you can make out of our products, we want to see it! Tag us along with the hashtag #PlayfulPanda and help us raise money for children who need it most.

For every uploaded image, The Cheeky Panda has pledged to donate £5.

100 images? That’s £500 for Save the Children! Which is also the minimum amount we’ll donate, no matter how many fun images we receive.

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