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In case you didn’t know, reader who has stumbled upon this blog, The Cheeky Panda’s core values as a company are as follows: Innovate, Impact, Inspire.

Not in that particular order, but those are the main things we try to do as we grow and evolve. On the surface, those are just words. But they do actually have meaning, they’re not just something we say to make ourselves look good.

But what do we mean by them, exactly? Well, our Impact comes from our passion to provide you with products without harming the planet. While we try to Inspire you through fun, cheeky content in an effort to convince you that a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or scary, because it doesn’t.

But what about that other word? Innovate.

We like to think of ourselves as the innovators of the hygiene and home essentials world. Whatever product we create has people AND planet in mind (as well as profit, without that, we wouldn’t be able to pay this blog writer to write this blog post, specifically).

Let’s dive into how we, as a business, have used innovation to bring you sustainable essentials that don’t cost the Earth. Because there are a few beneath the surface that you may not know about, and we want you to, because you deserve it and we’re very proud of ourselves.


First up, predictably, is bamboo.

It’s predictable because 90% of anything we talk about is to do with bamboo, if you don’t know that by now, you’re not paying enough attention.

Bamboo really is a miracle material – it grows super-fast, making it really sustainable. Not only that, but bamboo naturally contains less tissue dust and lint, meaning it’s amazing for sensitive skin and people with allergies. Plus, there’s less bathroom mess to sweep up.

Manufacturing magicians

Our processing plant is a lot like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, only there’s 100% more bamboo and 95% less chocolate (our workers love chocolate, which accounts for the 5%).

During the manufacturing process, our toilet paper is made into a ‘solid roll’. 

What does that mean? It means that no air gets trapped between the sheets of tissue, meaning we save carbon by not shipping air.

That’s clever, right? We thought it was. We’ll pat ourselves on the back.

 Plastic-Free Pocket Tissues

Did you know that our pocket tissues were the first ever to be made without plastic wrapping? Crazy that it had never been done before, right? 

Instead of pesky plastic, we use cool cardboard. It’s great because it can be recycled super easily and won’t stick around for long before either being made into something else or biodegrading naturally.

So, before you slip a [leading brand of pocket tissues] into your bag or rucksack, think about where the packaging is going to go once you’ve blown your nose a bunch of times, because it’ll probably stick around and cause havoc in our oceans and woodlands. 

Biodegradable Wipes & Nappies!

Biodegradable, {adjective}: capable of decaying through the action of living organisms.

Basically, anything biodegradable can break down back into the Earth without causing any long-term damage. Our wipes contain no plastic (in the wipes themselves, that is), meaning you can chuck them in the compost without a care* in the world and they’ll disappear amongst your old eggshells and banana skins.

Our nappies are also 2/3rds biodegradable (we haven’t figured out how to make the strap compostable, yet…).

And our amazingly versatile Dry Wipes are totally biodegradable – packaging and all!

*Especially if that care is whether they’ll end up in our oceans or at landfills, like most wipes do…

Our bamboo Antibac Wipes not only biodegrade naturally, but they also kill 99.9% of bacteria.

And we’re not just saying that – they’ve been EN1276 certified. We’ve got the certificate to prove it, it’s stuck up on our VERY clean fridge.

So, these are the reasons why Innovation is one of our core values. Big list, right?

We aim to continue to innovate in an effort to safeguard our future for generations to come.

If a bunch of cheeky pandas can do it, then you can help too.


Team Cheeky Panda x


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