The Cheeky Panda asks: Name our Trucks!

You know, when we asked our customers and die-hard fans to name some Cheeky Panda-branded trucks, we weren’t sure what to expect.  

A little bit of background – we’re always on the lookout for unique ways to showcase Colin the Panda alongside our bamboo products for everyone to see. Social media is fun, billboards work too, but there’s nothing quite like a moving monolith, rolling down the road, emblazoned with a giant cartoon panda and some toilet roll to get tongues wagging.  

So we decided to splash The Cheeky Panda branding all over a fleet of five lorries. But they couldn’t possibly just go out into the world anonymously, they needed names.

And so, we turned to our lovely customers and fans on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to ask them what we should name one of our trucks. They did it with a boat for Attenborough, so why couldn’t we do it with a truck for an animated panda?

Customer Creativity

The responses ranged from ‘Donald Dump’ to ‘A Flush Called Panda’ and ‘The Panda Express’, the latter being a the name of a popular Chinese restaurant, which may have probably caused some kind of copyright infringement. But we appreciated the creativity.

Overall, our first callout for truck names reached almost 6,000 people and we racked up over 200 comments, each giving their own ideas regarding what to name our truck. None of them agreeing with our best effort, by the way, which was ‘The Cheeky Van-da’. So that was a bit rude, yet understandable.

 There were so many suggestions, in fact, that we had to do it again for a second truck through fear of upsetting those who were super keen to have their names selected. Because who are we to go against democracy?


One name in particular stood out as a clear winner: Jeff. Our audience seemed to adore the name Jeff. We’ve had conflicting stories as to why, so we have decided that it’s probably best that it remains a mystery.

Eventually, we decided to name all of them - naming just two trucks after having the response we had seemed a little unfair.  

So, we now have five lorries proudly showcasing our logo as well as snazzy new names, here they are in all their glory:

  • Rocky Bambooa
  • Panda McTruckface
  • Rolls Choice
  • Jeff
  • Colin

Which is your favourite? They all have different personalities, a bit like Snow White’s Seven Dwarves – but there are five and their princess is a black and white panda.

 If you see them on the road, be sure to shout their name and wave! If you’re not the one driving, be sure to snap a picture and tag us on social media: @thecheekypanda_uk.

If you suggested a name, thank you! We’re looking at you, Jeff-obsessives…

Team Cheeky P x

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