Sustainability is overrated and here's why..

Here at the cheeky panda we believe sustainability is overrated. Everyone makes such a big deal out of plastic waste and climate change don’t they? A few degrees warmer cant be that bad right, and do people not realise how big the ocean is, look at all this space for us to throw more rubbish into..


 We nearly had you didn’t we… Don’t worry, this was a bad joke. We don’t believe sustainability is overrated at all. In fact, we think sustainability is so important we have an entire blog dedicated to it. So if you’re new here and wondering, why sustainability is so important, let us break it down to you:

 Climate change is happening at an alarming rate, our natural resources are depleted quicker than we can restore them, and in 2019, global plastics production almost reached 370 million tonnes (Plastics - the Facts 2020 • Plastics Europe), but why does this matter?

 Climate change impacts both people and the environment – the effects include extreme heat and drought in some parts of the world and more extreme weather such as storms and floods in others. These events lead to an impact on human health, difficulty growing crops and risk of extinction for animals and ecosystems that struggle to quickly adapt to the changing climate.

 However, it’s not all doom and gloom - in recent years we have seen businesses and individuals alike rally together to combat climate change and other negative impacts we are having on the environment to ensure our wonderful planet can have a prosperous future.

 We all have a responsibility to behave in a responsible way and as a business with a focus on sustainability we have pledged to:

  • Achieve carbon neutrality
  • Reduce our plastic production
  • Remove over 500,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere by 2050
  • Work towards Net Zero Carbon
  • Move manufacturing from China to the UK by 2030 to serve the European market.

 At PandaHQ we always looking for ways to be better to preserve our planet for future generations, we aren’t perfect (yet!) but we will continue to champion sustainability and being kind to our planet.

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