Recycling Week 2023!

Recycling Week 2023 is finally here and this year's theme is The Big Recycling Hunt - a focus on items can that be recycled, but are usually left out! Let's stir things up and dig into our recycling habits, exposing those sneaky recyclables we often miss. So, let's unveil some of the recycling ninjas hiding in plain sight!

Envelopes with Plastic Windows: Those envelopes with plastic windows might seem a bit mysterious, where DO they go?! Luckily for you, we have to answer, just pull out that plastic window, and the rest of the envelope is ready for action. Plastic in the regular bin, paper in the recycling bin - easy peasy.

Plastic Lids: Plastic lids from jars, cups, and containers are sly recyclables too! Just make sure they are screwed tightly onto the bottle and they are good to go.

Plastic Bags: Whilst not yet recyclable at home, most supermarkets have a soft spot for them, so collect your bread bags, cling film, and other soft plastics and take them along to the supermarket to gain a new lease of life.

Kitchen Foil: You definitely don't recycling this one, do you? Don't let used kitchen foil slip through your fingers, it's got many more lives to come! Flatten it down, and it's ready for the recycling bin (just make sure it's clean!). 

Batteries: Batteries are a tricky one but they can be recycled - drop them off at designated collection points to be part of the recycling revolution.

Broken Appliances: When your old appliances call it quits, don't just wave them off. They're full of reusable parts that can be used time and time again. Check your local council's website to see where you can recycle electrical appliances. 

Shampoo Bottles: Most bathroom items get totally forgotten about, out of sight and out of mind but don't worry, we are here to remind you that all your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles are totally recyclable - a top tip from us is to put a mini recycling bin in your bathroom too, this way nothing gets forgotten about! 


By keeping an eye out for the sneaky recyclables we often miss, we can create a cleaner, greener world. Every small effort counts, and together, we can make a difference in our mission to protect the planet! Have we missed any important ones? Let us know in the comments below! 

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