Plastic Free July

This July is Plastic Free month, and the focus is on saying a big fat NO to single use plastics at home, in our work and in the community. Single use plastics are pretty much what they say on the tin, but to give you an idea these can be bottles, straws, supermarket food packaging, shampoo bottles, disposable cutlery, food containers… Wow, the list just goes on! This is having a big impact on our environment, in England alone 2.7 billion (that’s right BILLION) plastic single-use cutlery and 721 million single use plates are used every year. The biggest issue with these is that only 10% is recycled! So, the rest of it is choking up our oceans, damaging animals, and filling up our landfills! 


This month, we are teaming up with brands that challenge plastic waste! Keep your eyes peeled on our social pages to enter these giveaway… BUT for the moment, let us explain why these brands are so great in reducing plastic waste:



When it comes to plastic free cleaning, Neat are one of the pioneers on the scene. Switching out single use plastics for refillable bottles is their business. Their products range from (deep breath): handwash, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, shower cleaner, anti-bac spray, multi-surface spray and anti-bac glass and mirror spray. All you need to do is add the water and concentrate to the reusable bottle, give it a shake, and away you go! That means no unnecessary extra packaging for the water in the bottles, as it comes from your tap instead, and completely removing single use bottles from your cleaning equation! 



With the phrase “Cleaning doesn’t have to be dirty”, Wablu’s products are all-in-one laundry sheets that dissolve to create a laundry detergent that gets your clothes spic and span! This has a big impact on plastic as laundry and household detergents generate 29 billion plastic containers each year. Also, big bonus, their sheets don’t break down into microplastics – so better for our waterways!


Hampstead Teas 

Who doesn’t love a cuppa? *everyone’s hands stay down* Well, does it get any better than a brand that has been assessed as ‘The Most Ethical Tea Brand’ by the Ethical Consumer? Focussing on all-natural organic tea, where the majority of all their packaging is plastic free and all of their tea bags are compostable. They also use biodynamic farming for their tea which ensures you put more in the soil than you take out – super organic.


Natural Deodorant Co 

This company does deodorants that are all natural, tough on sweat and cut out the plastic associated with normal roll-on deodorants. With their deodorant being in the form of a balm, you can use this with your hands or even use their bamboo spatula to save your nails, WOO bamboo bonus!  


There it is! We hope this helps to consider different plastic-free options and show how small changes to our daily lifestyle can result in panda sized changes for the planet! 


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