IWD: A Conversation with Janet Amarhavwie

Today we're excited to feature one of our amazing employees on the blog. A key theme of this years' International Women's Day is DigitALL - Innovation and technology gender equality for all, and who better to talk to about this matter than our very own Social Media and Content Executive, Janet. 

Born and raised in Nigeria, Janet has always had a passion for digital marketing, tech and all things social media! In this blog she gives us a glimpse into her role in social media (and why it's important for the business!), her goals for the future and insights into the importance of tech inclusivity in Nigeria. 

So, without further ado, let's meet Janet and get into the interview! 

What did you study at university and where?

I am proud to have completed a Global Masters in Business Administration program at Glasgow Caledonian University, which has provided me with a holistic understanding of various business functions and there interdependence in the global digital economy.

Prior to this, I obtained my first degree in French Language - this program provided me with a thorough grounding in the language, culture, and literature of the Francophone world.

When did you first discover your interest in digital marketing and social media?

My interest in digital marketing and social media began during my first job, the administrative and human resources unit of an Oil and Gas company. As I observed the manual and analog processes in the workplace, I started exploring digital solutions to automate some of our workflows.

During my time at the company, one of my ad hoc responsibilities was in sourcing new clients, and it was during this experience that I began to develop an interest in the concept of selling and buying. I became intrigued by the idea of making the client sourcing process more streamlined and accessible by marketing and advertising online

But here's the thing - I had no idea how to do it. So I made the bold decision to dive headfirst into the world of digital marketing and social media to advance my knowledge and skills in this area.

This led to my acquisition of new skills such as website design using content management systems for customer acquisition;  and creative designing, which has helped me to bring marketing campaigns to life and execute social media marketing strategies.

Through my extensive study and practice of social media marketing as a profession, I have successfully leveraged the latest tech tools to create successful campaigns. My passion for digital marketing and social media continues to grow, and I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest developments in this ever-evolving field.

 What’s your favourite part about working in social media?

One of the aspects of social media that I find most captivating is the creative process. As someone with a keen eye and appreciation for aesthetics, I find it exciting to take a simple idea and transform it into a captivating design, video or any other form of creative content.

My creative process involves using digital tools to turn my initial concepts into reality, but the most important part of the process happens within my mind. I rely heavily on my quick thinking and imagination to generate ideas that I can then refine with the help of digital tools.

Overall, I love being a creative and the creative aspect of social media is my favourite part.

What’s your least favourite part about working in social media?

I find it challenging to switch off from work-mode when using social media. Instead of being able to enjoy it as a leisure activity, I find myself constantly analysing social media trends, recognising patterns and seeking out new digital tools and resources to enhance my campaigns.

Even in my personal time, I cannot help but approach social media with a critical eye, carefully curating content and seeking out potential collaborations with brands and influencers. As a result, I am sometimes unable to experience social media purely for its recreational value like everyone else.

Why does your role and content and social media executive matter?

One of the most rewarding aspects of my role as a content and social media executive is my ability to make a tangible impact on the lives of people, organisations (and movements)

Through the strategic use of digital tools, social media platforms and digital marketing campaigns,  I am able to shape conversations, influence consumer behaviour, reach audiences on a global scale and create viral moments that captivate and inspire millions

The power of social media to connect people and spread ideas is truly remarkable, whether it's a compelling call to action that drives sales for a business, a social media campaign that raises awareness for a  sustainable organization, or a viral moment that captures the attention of the world, I take great pride in knowing that my work has the potential to drive real-world impact and make a positive difference in the world.

At the end of the day, I believe that the true measure of success in digital marketing and social media is not just the number of likes or followers, but the impact that my work has on the people and organisations that I work with.. It is this sense of purpose and fulfilment that drives me to continually push the boundaries of what is possible and deliver exceptional results

What is your proudest achievement to date?

One of the most notable achievements in my career to date was being a speaker at a #WomenInTech sessions for Social Media Week. As a woman in the digital and tech industry, it was an honour to contribute to the ongoing effort of contributing to  empowerment, promoting tech inclusivity and diversity in the digital landscape.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to share my insights and experiences with fellow professionals and advocates in the industry. The experience was both inspiring and empowering, and it solidified my commitment to championing the cause of accelerating gender equality, inspiring innovation for digital transformation. 

What is a goal you have for this upcoming year?

One of my aspirations is to advance my career and continue to grow professionally. I am presently expanding my knowledge in agile project management, which will enable me to effectively oversee and execute complex marketing campaigns, while also automating digital marketing processes for maximum efficiency.

What are your views on Tech Inclusivity in Nigeria?

When it comes to Tech Inclusivity in Nigeria, there's been some progress made in recent years, especially with women in tech taking on more leadership roles and creating impactful products. However, there's still a lot of work to be done to close the gender gap in tech.

In Nigeria, women in tech still face significant obstacles such as social biases, lack of access to funding and mentorship, and fewer opportunities in leadership positions. One solution to these challenges is providing more mentorship opportunities, which can give women valuable guidance, insight, and exposure to industry leaders. I would also love to see more accelerators for women in tech and more scholarship opportunities in STEM. 

By providing women with more support and empowerment, we can help promote tech inclusivity and accelerate innovation for the Nigerian Woman. 

Janet Amarhavwie, Social Media and Content Executive at The Cheeky Panda.

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