International Women's Day

So what is International Women’s Day (IWD)?

Now we all have heard of various equality movements throughout the years, but what exactly is International Women’s Day (IWD)?

Well, are you ready for our crash course?

On 8th March (every year since 1975) is the International Day celebrating those who identify as female and their various achievements in all sectors. From political, social, environmental and so much more!

We don’t just mean celebrating notable women we all know, such as Amika George the found of #FreePeriods, Greta Thunberg making headlines in the fight against climate change, or Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah who is the co-founder of UK Black Pride.

It is for all of us to celebrate and notice the females we encounter every day! Whether that is your neighbour, family member, or colleague. This day is, more importantly, dedicated to bringing to light the issues women still face to this day. For, example, did you know that in many countries such as Ghana and Iran, women are more likely to forgo or struggle to have access to basic food requirements following droughts? Extreme weather on all continents, including countries in Europe such as Spain and Italy, also has a negative on expectant mothers such as preterm. The results of extreme weather and climate change create disease, and diseases such as Dengue Fever and Malaria can cause miscarriages and risks to the mother’s life when these complications arise.

How can I take part?

Every year IWD has a theme they would like everyone to embrace and this year is… #EMBRACE EQUITY (see what I did there with the double use of embrace).

Embrace all of those who identify as female, whether it is at home, in your social settings, or in the workplace! (No, we do not mean go around hugging everyone, unless you both feel like a hug! Even Colin needs a hug now and then!!)

What can I do?? It can be as simple as dropping a text to the women close to you, encouraging female voices in your work meetings, and buying from female-owned or empowering businesses!

IWD is for all and the more we talk about this, the more we can understand and know how to help on all levels and bring forth change!

The Big Picture

Now we have looked into how we can make a change in our daily lives, why an international women’s day?

Did you know that due to climate change women more commonly face higher risks and greater burdens?

In our current house of commons 35% of representation is women (yes this is an all-time high) but how can only one third is still not enough of a voice to make changes to female-based issues such as mother’s having to choose between raising their child or going to work due to skyrocketing prices of nurseries. With childcare at “under two” nurseries costing on average £240-£250 per week this is 65% of an average salary alone. Add to this the increased cost of living, bills, rent, or mortgages and many are struggling to make ends meet. Many women have to choose between raising a child and being able to afford daily amenities.

All of the small changes we do in the workplace, emailing local MPs, and using our voice in social settings/media can help raise awareness!

So get out there!!! #EmbraceEquity, and use our beloved social media platforms to spread the word. I know Colin and all of us will be doing so!!!


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