International Day of Forests

The 21st of March marks International Day of Forests. This day celebrates and raises awareness of the importance of all types of forest (bamboo too!).

Forests cover around 31% of the land area on our planet and they are vital for so many reasons, they provide the air we breathe, provide over 13 million people with jobs, provide habitats to thousands of species globally and they play a critical role in mitigate climate change by acting as a carbon sink – soaking up carbon dioxide that would otherwise stay in our atmosphere and contribute to our changing climate patterns. However, our forests are under threat from deforestation and degradation with millions of hectares of forests being lost each year. For example, the Amazon rainforest has seen a 17% decrease in forest cover over the past 50 years.

The International Day of Forest is a day to reflect and understand the importance of forests and trees in our everyday lives and for the environment, and this year, the theme is Forests and Health. From cleaning the air we breathe to filtering the water we drink, shading and sheltering us from the suns UV rays, providing nutritious foods, vital medicines and reducing stress, trees provide many health benefits that we simply couldn’t live without.

 So, How can you get involved this year?

  •  Start Conversations on social media about the importance of forests. Use hashtags like #IntlForestDay and connect with others looking to make a difference.
  • Plant a Tree! You can either plant a tree yourself, participate in an organised event, or donate to the National Trust and they will plant a tree on your behalf
  •  Look out for the FSC label. Many of the products we buy are made from unsustainable materials, when you buy an FSC certified product you can be sure that the material has been sustainably sourced from a responsibly managed forest.
  • Save trees and use bamboo-based products instead! We all know that our forests are under threat from mass deforestation so we certainly shouldn’t be cutting them down to make loo roll. Instead, use bamboo – the world’s fastest growing plant that loves being turned into super soft, luxury loo roll just for you. We think The Cheeky Panda one is pretty great (and FSC certified too!)

How are you celebrating the International Day of Forests? Let us know in the comments below!

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