Earth Overshoot Day 2022

Today is Earth Overshoot Day. This means that as of today, we have consumed all of the resources that the planet is capable of generating in one year.

The purpose of Earth Overshoot Day is to remind the world that the rate that we consume our resources is very unsustainable. Earth Overshoot Day was first recorded in 1970 when it fell on December 29th and since then, this date is coming around earlier and earlier every year with deforestation, overfishing and overharvesting being a leading cause.

Now, lets rewind and see how Earth Overshoot Day has progressed over the years:

Source: Earth Overshoot Day 2022 home - #MoveTheDate

In 2020 the calculated overshoot day fell on August 22nd, due to coronavirus induced lockdowns around the world, just two years later and the overshoot day falls nearly a month earlier.  

We must now work together to #MoveTheDate, with a focus on our consumption. At The Cheeky Panda we recognise the importance of alternative materials to make our everyday household items, that’s why we champion bamboo – the world’s fastest growing plant to help prevent deforestation one tree at a time.

Earth Overshoot Day outlines 5 key categories with solutions to #MoveTheDate. These include;


  • Conservation: protect and preserve wild spaces
  • Restoration: restore our ecosystems, such as forests and mangroves
  • Sustainable agriculture and fishing


  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Sustainable transportation
  • Use of existing urban space to prevent overspill into countryside’s


  • Phasing out of fossil fuels


  • Limit food waste
  • A more plant based diet


  • The United Nations projects that between 7.3 to 15.6 billion people will be living on Earth by 2100. We need to ensure sustainable population growth that can be supported by our planet.

 Learn more about Earth Overshoot Day and how you can #MoveTheDate at Earth Overshoot Day 2022 home - #MoveTheDate

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