A Cheeky Valentine's Day

Hi panda pals, and welcome back to the blog!

Just a gentle reminder, that Valentines Day is just 5 days away! Eek! If you, like some of us, could perhaps do with ideas and inspiration then don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Valentines Day is a great way to show our loved ones what they mean to us! But this day can be very wasteful - from chocolates, wrapping paper or even panda sized bouquets of flowers, the ways which we celebrate Valentine's can create a lot of waste!

This Valentine’s, we have made a list of some sustainable suggestions on how to show love to our partners, and the planet too!

Vegan and local restaurants

There are loads of new vegan restaurants covering all different cuisines, why not try one to cut down on animal product consumption, and lower your carbon footprint this Valentine's! If you aren’t sold on plant based just yet, why not check out a local restaurant, these tend to source their ingredients locally, helping to cut down on distance between farm to fork!

No more cards 

It is estimated that 1 billion cards are sent each year at the cost of trees being cut down. Instead, why not send your lucky person a text, an email, a gif… Or even go classic and say it to their face!

Buy local flowers.

Valentine’s and flowers. It’s a story as old as Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachel and Colin and bamboo! But if you buy locally sourced flowers instead it saves transporting from far away and so cutting down on carbon emissions!

OR (even better) buy a potted plant that they can enjoy and have long after Valentine's Day is done!

Bake or make vegan sweet treats to replace chocolates!

Again, another classic at Valentine’s Day. But why not try and make some vegan sweet treats to show that special somebody that personal touch and cut down on wasteful packaging! What’s that old phrase about the key to a person’s heart again? Through vegan cookies we think!

Or if you are going to buy them, look for vegan and fairtrade alternatives.

Stay at home and cook

Like the last, we are sure your other half will appreciate all that time you spent cooking your favourite meal at home! Using locally sourced produce and your trusty vegan cookbook, it will save on unnecessary pollution that helps the planet as well as your pocket.

We hope these give you some ideas and a very happy Valentine's Day to you all!

Cheeky regards!

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