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🚚 FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £30

3 of our favourite sustainable toy brands

Plastics are bad. There’s no way around it. With only 9% of plastics being recyclable, many parents – from nappy-veterans to exhausted parent zombies – are looking for greener options for the little ones.  We’ve compiled a small list with sustainable and eco-friendly toy brands - find inspiration for your little angles (who are we kidding, they’re demons) below.  



Fabelab makes adorable soft toys and rattles from organic cotton and recycled polyester. The Scandinavian brand believes in creating high quality, innovative and responsibly made products for a cosy and creative home. Hygge, anyone? They also offer a range of baby essentials and accessories, which means there’s a ton of good stuff to choose for your little one!  
Sustainability is a big thing with this company – they even fill their rattles with corn fibre, which is, according to Fabelabthe most well-rounded natural option for washing and retaining the shape and life of the product. Their packaging is partly made from recycled film and Fabelab is carbon-balanced on all webshop orders. 

Le Toy Van

Le Toy Van produces a variety of colourful toys made from sustainable wood for children between the ages of 0 and 3+. This UK-based family business was created in 1995, they produce long-lasting wooden toys by using Rubberwood trees, while also working towards replacing the plastic in their range with biodegradable, plant-based materials.Like The Cheeky Panda, Le Toy Van is keen on planting trees, planting at least one tree for each Rubberwood tree used for production.

Green Toys

Green Toys is another toy brand that produces sustainable toys for children made from 100% recycled materials – mainly recycled milk mugs! Green Toys manufactures their products directly in California, which saves carbon emissions throughout production, distribution and deliveries.By using recycled plastic, Green Toys also diverts materials from landfills.

Alternative - Toy Box Club

How about ditching new toys completely? The Toy Box Club is a sustainable subscription service that delivers a stack of the best toys and books directly to your door, every month, without the hassle of screaming children in the toy store!Their toys are gender-neutral, age-appropriate and educational, meaning your little panda cubs will get their paws on the best toys as they grow into mighty bears!

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