The Cheeky Panda releases £2 million

The Cheeky Panda is proud to be the first pure secondary share sale campaign to be listed on the Seedrs platform! 
After a pandastically successful 2020, we're releasing £2 million of additional equity in order to meet the hugely growing market demand. Seedrs is a private equity crowdfunding platform that allows investors and founders to take advantage of our success. Seedrs has already helped us raise over £6 million in the last three years, and The Cheeky Panda is still one of the most popular companies on the platform!  

The Cheeky Panda is a disruptor; it’s great to be the first to do Seedrs first pure secondary market transaction. It will open up the opportunity for other entrepreneurs in high demand high growth businesses to get liquidity ahead of gong public or a PE deal. To sell over £1.2m in just over a week shows the product works and the demand is there for trading in private market shares. 
Our co-founder, Chris. 

This means that until the 1
0th of March, The Cheeky Panda shares are up for grabs – if you’re a big fan of us (with all the panda love for eco products and spreading joy) then this is your chance to secure a little bamboo shoot of us and support us as we grow even bigger! 
But you’ve got to be quick, because there is only £400,000 is still available on the platform.  

Our co-founder, Chris Forbes, said: “Our business has gone from strength to strength and the last 12 months. We now have thousands of 5* reviews and with new products and market launches across Europe, USA and China, we have achieved only a fraction of our potential.”   

He also added: With the demand for shares in B Corps and ethical high growth businesses with ESG at its core investor appetite in our business has never been higher. By releasing some equity now it creates a new liquidty pool for investors and it means we and a few of our angels don’t have to wait another few years for an IPO to benefit from the high growth curve.”  

According to CEO Jeff Kelisky, Seedrs aims to become the largest and most trusted marketplace for private equity investment providing alternative paths for investment to the typical VC-Exit cycle. The secondary market delivers liquidity and is ideal for growth businesses like The Cheeky Panda
. Seedrs makes trading for investors and founders as easy, trusted, and eventually as fast as a public marketSeedrs secondary market makes it possible for investors and founders to take advantage of the success and a rise in share value. In 2020, Seedrs Secondary Market had its most successful year, delivering nearly 14,000 investor exits and a total investor profit growth of 260%. 

Would you like to own a tiny piece of us? Head over the Seedrs website and make sure to get your share! Psst - if you want to have a look at our products first, you can find them here.

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