A Cheeky Update! September 2021

Oh hello there. Been a while hasn’t it? Come on in, don’t worry about taking your shoes off, the carpet isn’t new. Cup of tea? Coffee? Something a little stronger? 

Let’s chat about what we’ve been up to recently, because we realised, we haven’t done that for a while. So, let’s do it, we’ve got a few exciting things to tell you because we’ve been super busy as usual.

In fact, read this quickly because we’ve got an awful lot to get on with (just kidding, read it as slowly as you like, we’ll go get you that drink).

Brand new pandas

A couple of new faces have joined our flock of pandas recently…

We’ve hired Giles Brook and Sophie More! The former is a serial eco entrepreneur and investor, while the latter worked as global marketing director at beer giants BrewDog. Both have joined our team as non-executive directors and will and their areas of expertise to our already expanding growth as a brand.

Giles and Sophie have settled in splendidly and we’re very happy to have them as part of the team.

Have you seen us in Waitrose yet?!

You might have been strolling down the aisles of your local Waitrose recently when all of a sudden, out pops a Cheeky Panda from out of nowhere!

But don’t be alarmed, we actually put those loo rolls and tissues there. Well, we didn’t, but some lovely Waitrose workers did. We just made it and sent it to them.

Basically what we’re saying is, you can find our Plastic-Free 9 rolls of toilet paper, Handy Wipes and Flat Box Tissues in Waitrose! And if you can’t be bothered to grace the aisle of your local store, shop online instead here: Waitrose.com.

And remember, if a wild Cheeky Panda attacks, just put one in your trolley and it will soon calm down.

Superstar CEO

Our CEO and Chief Cheeky Panda Julie Chen won MSDUK’s ‘Businesswoman of the Year award!’

The MSDUK Awards winners are clear recognition for those businesses working hard to make supply chains both inclusive and competitive. 

The awards celebrated the outstanding people and organisations in the MSDUK Network and were presented at the 8th bi-annual gala.

Let’s give Julie a round of a-paws, shall we?

Startups 100!

We've been ranked 13th in the UK's recently published Startup 100 list!

In case you’re not too familiar, Startups 100 have been recognising the UK’s most disruptive and progressive small brands for 13 years now. They help start ups grow and succeed while highlighting the important work they do.

Check out the full list of 100 startups here and see the company listed alongside! We’re very proud to be recognised as number 13 in the whole of the UK. 

And that’s your news for the month! Pretty good, right? Lots going on here at Panda HQ, and we’re glad to have you along for the ride.

Now we actually do have a lot to get on with, so if you could kindly leave, thanks very much.


Team Cheeky Panda x

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Bamboo Unwrapped Toilet Rolls 48 I The Cheeky Panda UK - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Unwrapped Toilet Paper 48
Bamboo Unwrapped Toilet Rolls 24 I The Cheeky Panda UK - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Unwrapped Toilet Paper 24
Bamboo Kitchen Roll Bulk Box | 10 Rolls - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Kitchen Roll Bulk Box | 10 Rolls
Bamboo Toilet Rolls 45 - The Cheeky Panda UK - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Toilet Paper 45
Cube Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes - Cheeky Panda
12 Cube Box of Tissues