Future Leaders Programme

Starts January 2022, apply now!

Introducing our Cheeky Panda Future Leaders Programme for current University Students

Are you a student at University? Are you interested in gaining business experience? Are you passionate about sustainability? Join our journey!

Our Future Leaders programme is an exciting opportunity for students to:

Become a Brand Ambassador

Get Paid! Ambassadors will be paid for conducting store visits to check our product listings

Get Involved! Ambassadors have the opportunity to creatively promote the brand on campus, from sampling to sales

Become a Future Leader

Ambassadors who show great initiative will have the opportunity to progress as a Future Leader and manage a team of Ambassadors at their University

Leaders will report back to Panda HQ and have the opportunity to apply for our Summer Paid Internships!

Watch the video for more information

Have any questions? Email future.leaders@cheekypanda.com




Is this a paid opportunity?

Being an ambassador is split between conducting store visits (which is paid) and doing self initiated promotion work (which is unpaid, where you gain valuable experience and can excel to becoming a Future Leader, gaining management experience and the possibility of a paid summer internship!)

What do the store visits entail?

You will get training at Panda HQ if you're successful, but essentially it's planning store visits from the information you'll be provided, going into these stores and answering a series of questions on a mobile app about what you see/people you speak to. You record everything on this app and everything is logged.

What promotion work can I do?

This is up to you! There are suggestions on the video, from sampling, selling, content etc. We're looking for self starters who want hands on experience!

What is the application process?

Apply via the application form you can access below. If successful you'll be invited to come to our HQ to be trained on the store management software and for more information on promoting the brand. The programme will begin in January 2022.

How do I become a Future Leader?

You will need to record your promotional activity and once you feel you've excelled, you can apply to be a Future Leader by uploading your progress - we'll assess it and let you know if you're able to step to the next level!

Do you offer work experience?

Self initiated promotional work is experience in itself! These are activities we would do in-house, and will be super useful for your career development. If you excel and become a Future Leader, you can apply for our paid summer internships at Panda HQ.

Who can apply?

Anyone currently at University, any year, any course!