Are you cheeky enough?

👉Are you a Uni student looking for real world experience whilst still studying?!
👉Do you want to work with an extremely fast-growing company and gain integral skills for your CV?!


We asked ourselves, what makes a great leader? Is it the ability to inspire and motivate others, to lead by example, creativity, or to take control of tasks and complete them? Leaders come in many shapes and sizes and have different character traits. Our goal is to find people that are driven to help make the world a better place, and can take ideas and run with them! We want to help you understand your skillset and with practical guidance build you into a future leader.

The Cheeky Panda offers sustainable and eco-friendly tissue products throughout the UK and Europe, and has been listed in the UK's top 100 start-ups. We have won over 10 awards in under 3 years, and focus our core values on:
· Innovation– Create a sustainable world for future generations through innovative products.
· Impact– Enrich people and our planet without exploiting the environment.
· Inspire– Inspiring a fun, environmentally conscious and healthy lifestyle.

What we’re looking for:
We are giving the opportunity to one student from each university in London to enrol onto our future leader’s programme. The role will require you to recruit and manage Cheeky Panda ambassadors from your university and spread our Cheeky Panda ethos to other students and retailers. You will gain real life business experience managing a team of ambassadors in the following areas:

· Marketing: Use social channels and organise live events to raise Cheeky Panda brand awareness. Examples including talking about our brand in sustainability events, sampling in freshers fairs etc.

· Account management: Mystery Shopping in retailers which list The Cheeky Panda.

· Business sales: Help get our products used in canteens, buildings and venues

· Retail sales: Help get our products listed in University, and local shops.

This opportunity will add fantastic experience on your CV - Successful leaders will have opportunity to learn sales and marketing skills from our young executives and gain insight into our business story from The Cheeky Panda founders. If you really impress there may even be a career for you at The Cheeky Panda when you finish university!!! We also offer fantastic rewards including gifted products, cash prizes, and work experience days in our office. This is a paid opportunity.

How to apply
Fill out the application form to the right, make sure to include your CV and answer the questions provided and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!