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From our customers


Good quality. Great absorbency. Like the subscription as I less thing to put on the shopping list. Also no wasteful factory packaging.

Nina G.

Arrived on time and in good condition. Loo roll quality as expected. Enjoying the convenience of regular deliveries. 5 stars!

Mark M.

Switching to cheeky panda has been one of the easiest, most convenient switches we've made to make our home a bit more sustainable. It's also super convenient - the 48 roll boxes and subscription service means we're never left panicking for loo roll!

Louis V.
Bamboo Kitchen Roll Bulk Box | 10 Rolls - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Kitchen Roll Bulk Box | 10 Rolls
Cube Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes - Cheeky Panda
12 Cube Box of Tissues
Flat Bamboo Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes - Cheeky Panda
Flat Bamboo Boxes of Tissues | 12 Boxes
Bamboo Baby Nappy Pants (CLEARANCE) - Cheeky Panda
Bamboo Baby Nappy Pants (CLEARANCE)
Sale price £23.99 Regular price £47.99 Save 50%