Toilet Twinning

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What is Toilet Twinning?

Without proper toilets and clean water, people are trapped in a vicious cycle. Sickness increases, children miss school, parents can’t work. Toilet Twinning helps build toilets in communities who have never had access to a toilet before.

Toilets are more than a place for you to do your business. Toilets increase health, provide safety, increase the wealth of a family and help children stay in school. They are essential to daily life, and yet - often people don’t want to talk about them!

Toilet Twinning are lifting the taboo on poo and helping to flush away poverty. The Cheeky Panda are joining them in celebrating the humble toilet and raising awareness for the work of the charity Toilet Twinning on World Toilet Day - 19th November.

Read more about it here: What is Toilet Twinning?

For every pack of 24 rolls purchased, we will donate £1 to Toilet Twinning, and £2 for every pack of 48 rolls purchased.